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01. North (14:00)
02. East (14:00)
03. West (14:00)
04. South (14:00)

The tracklist contains four songs (each 14:00 min.) and so far there's a sample of the song "East" (1:07 min./MP3/
96 kBit/s) available.

The new Prince album "N.E.W.S." is available 4 members of The NPG Music Club from June 19, 2003. Starting off with an exclusive (online) listening party (from June 19-22, 2003 - daily airing of a full length song (MP3 @ 96 KBit/s) you can order the CD edition for $10.00 only from and as club member of The NPGMC - please login and visit the 'NEWS Room'!

"N.E.W.S." will be commercially released (world-wide from around mid-July/July 22, 2003) and available (as import) probably to order from:

  • Amazon USA | UK | Germany | France | Japan
  • Eil.com Tower Records BestBuy
  • CD Universe World of Music
  • NLStore.nl JPC.de HMV Australia

    In the room VAULT III (of The NPG Music Club - May 26, 2003) there's a new Prince album called "News" listed!

  • NOTE: This is a complete instrumental album!

    Further information:

    - Artist: Prince
    - feat. the following musicians: Rhonda Smith, John Blackwell, Renato Neto, Eric Leeds!
    - produced by Prince
    - Label: NPG Records
    - Year: 2003
    - Format: CD
    - Recorded at: Paisley Park
    - Date of recording: Feb 6th (2003)

    NOTE: Data track (Macromedia file) on CD -
     "He causes 2 become" [?]!



    "Xpectation" (NPG Records, Internet Download only 4 members of The NPG Music Club!) Available 4 download/Web only MP3 release: 01.01.2003 [SPECIAL]



    "One Nite Alone... Live!" (NPG Records, exclusive club release, Pre-released 11/27/2002 (2 members of The NPGMC)

    4 CD-Set with live recordings from the Tour 2002:

    "One Nite Alone... Live!" (2 CD) plus bonus CD "One Nite Alone: The Aftershow - It ain't over" (1 CD) + free copy of "One Nite Alone" (Studio recordings!)

    This box set is identical 2 the commercial box set minus the free copy (4th CD)! There's no barcode on the box!


    "One Nite Alone" (NPG Records, exclusive club release, 05/15/2002) - Studio recordings! [SPECIAL]



    "One Nite Alone... Live!" (NPG Records, commercial release: 12/17/2002); 3 CD-Set with live recordings from the Tour 2002:

    "One Nite Alone... Live!" (2 CD) plus bonus CD "One Nite Alone: The Aftershow - It ain't over" (1 CD)

    This box set is identical 2 the prerelease NPGMC edition but missing the free copy (4th CD) of "One Nite Alone" (Studio recordings!). There's a barcode on the box!

    CD Single


    "Days of wild (live)" [2nd Edition]

    (NPG Records, 2002, available since 08/29/2002 for Premium members of / by The NPG Music Club  - this edition/digi pack contains 3 tracks!)

    01. "Days Of Wild (Single Edit)" [4:08]
    02. "Days Of Wild (Concert Mix)" [10:45]
    03. "1+1+1=3 (live)" [5:51]


    CD Single

    "One Nite Alone... Live EP" (NPG Records, 2002, radio promo/5 track MaxCD)

    01. "Xenophobia" [11:23]
    02. "Muse 2 the Pharaoh" [4:47]
    03. "Mellow" [4:35]
    04. "The other side of the pillow" [4:43]
    05. "Strange relationship" [4:24]


    please see:


    CD Single

    "Days of wild (live)" [1st Edition]

    (NPG Records, 2002, sold at Celebration Tour '02; contains 1 track!)

    01. "Days of wild (live)" [10:45]




    CD Single "The work, pt. 1" / ""U make my sun shine" (NPG Records, 2001, still available from NPGMC/Retail)
    CD Single "U make my sun shine" / "When will we b paid" (NPG Records, 2001)
    CD Singles
    (Sold on the
    Hit N' Run Tour 2001 since
     April 14, 2001)

    NOTE: Double sided sleeves - 2 cuts on 1 CD (all NPG Records)!

    The NPG: "The Daisy Chain" / "Gamillah" (NPG Records, 2001)  
    Prince: "Supercute" / "Underneath the cream" (NPG Records, 2001)  
    The NPG: "Peace" / *"2045: Radical Man" (NPG Records, 2001)

    *SPECIAL: 2045: Radical Man (from Soundtrack Bamboozled, 2000)


    No Doubt - "Rock steady" (2001)

    "Waiting room" [4:27]
    (written by Prince, Gwen Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) - track 12.

    Released on No Doubt's 2001 album "Rock steady"; produced by Prince and No Doubt. Keyboards and background vocals by Prince; recorded at Paisley Park and Olympic Studios, London.

    "The Rainbow Children" (Redline Entertainment/NPG Records 11/20/2001) [SPECIAL]


    "The Very Best of" (Warner Bros., 2001)  

    "Rave in2 the joy fantastic" - Second Edition, NPG Records (2001)
    Available/send out 2 all 'Premium Members' of NPG Music Club since 04/30/2001 - 05/01/2001.

    "Rave un2 the joy fantastic" - NPG Records/Arista (1999) [SPECIAL]

    CD Single


    O(+>: "The greatest romance ever sold" (NPG Records/Arista, 1999) [SPECIAL]

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