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 Prince - 4thcoming albums + projects


Herein U find the announced and rumoured 4thcoming projects (album, single releases) of Prince.
Please check out the
news resources, [NUTUNES] and our Dawntown-News section 4 the latest status!
We are NOT responsible 4 withdrawn thangs and/or canceled release dates ;-)

U will find all so far albums / singles here!

2005 + later

Please check our section [LATEST RELEASES]


2004 - 1998

Prince - Musicology (Album from 2004)

This new Prince studio album will be released "online" (via The NPG Music Club) on 03/29/2004 and in stores on 04/19/2004. Here you find the official tracklist. The song "U want me" is NOT included.
It is rumoured that the free giveaway CD edition (for those who purchases a concert ticket) will be different to the 'enhanced' retail version (maybe some hidden / bonus tracks or some video ad).

"MUSICOLOGY" [48 min.] - The Tracklist

01. Musicology" [4:24]
02. "Illusion, Coma, Pimp + Circumstance" [4:46]
03. "A Million Days" [3:50]
04. "Life 'O' The Party" [4:29]
05. "Call My Name" [5:16]
06. "Cinnamon Girl " [3:56]
07. "What Do U Want Me 2 Do?" [4:15]
08. "The Marrying Kind" [2:49]
09. "If I Was The Man In Ur Life" [3:09]
10. "On The Couch" [3:34]
11. "Dear Mr. Man" [4:13]
12. "Reflection" [3:04]

Prince - "Musicology" (CD)- B0001XTRCI
NPG Records distributed by Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment
© 2004 NPG Records.

SOURCE: Sonymusic UK, 03/24/2004:
Prince - NPG Records and Sony Music Announce Worldwide Alliance for 'Musicology' NPG (New Power Generation) Records and Sony Music Entertainment (SME) today announced an agreement through which SME will manufacture and distribute 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Prince’s forthcoming release, 'Musicology' on a worldwide basis. 'Musicology' will be released through Sony Music’s Columbia Records, and will be released on April 19th. The first single from the album will be the title track, 'Musicology'. The release date has yet to be announced..

“Prince is a true genius,” commented Don Ienner, President, Sony Music U.S. “Over the course of his extraordinary career he’s continually taken on new artistic challenges, and in the process he has repeatedly set new standards of excellence in popular music. The songs contained on Musicology have tremendous depth, power and range, making the album an important addition to the Prince legend, and a must-have for his fans around the globe. I look forward to working closely with Prince as we bring Musicology to audiences across the country and throughout the world."

Prince commented, "I am really an artist and musician at heart, that's what I do. Musicology has no boundaries or formats. It is long overdue to return to the art and craft of music -- that's what this album is about. School's in session."

Prince - The Chocolate Invasion (Multi CD-Set)


PRINCE - The Chocolate Invasion: 7 cd's of "classic" NPGMC material (2003)

The NPGMC announced in an online teaser the following CD titles / 7 CD collection (on 10/15/2003). Based on material (downloads for club members) from the paste years of The NPG Music Club, the previously club-only edition of the "One Nite Alone" (studio album/CD from 2002) and the so called 'web only MP3 release" album "Xpectation".

UPDATE 03/29/2004:
With the opening of the NPGMC's MUSICOLOGY STORE this set is likely withdrawn and cancelled, but the download store offerd 4 of the 7 CD's to download. Left are the collector's and independently released items "One Nite Alone - Solo Piano & Voice" (CD from 2002) and the NPG's "The War" (rare Maxi CD from 1998).
The "Glam Slam Club Mix" was already available and "released" (as download or streaming file) for Club members in 2001 (NPG Ahdio Transmission No. 11 from 01/18/2002), partly reissued as streaming files within the Glam Slam VIP Party Mega-Mixes (April 20, 2003) and in the Glam Slam VIP Room (as Glam Slam Mix 1-4, 02/28/2004 'til 03/20/2004). Finally "What do U want me 2 do?" was included and released on the album "Musicology" (CD, 2004).

UPDATE 11/15/2003 - according 2 the NPGMC:

"The Chocolate Invasion is put on hold 4 now, indefinitely. There was a problem with the manufacturing and until the bug is worked out, we'd rather not have u wondering when ur home would b invaded. As soon as we have any new info 2 report, u will b notified immediately. The members of the NPGMC deserve the best, thank u 4 ur patience."
- NOTE: In the meantime the previously unreleased song "What Do U Want Me 2 Do?" was offered as "a little something 2 chill 2"!

COMING SOON in "one xtraordinary package":

  • C-note*
  • Xpectation
  • One Nite Alone - Solo Piano & Voice
  • Chocolate Invasion - Trax from NPGMC Volume 1
  • Slaughterhouse - Trax from NPGMC Volume 2
  • Glam Slam Club Mix**
  • The War

    *C-note = inofficial name for the soundcheck files made available for download (Copenhagen | Nagoya | Osaka | Tokyo | Emptyroom); also another name for a piece of paper money with the value of 100 dollars (and used by club member who wanted more for their $100 bugs membership fee (2nd year of the NPGMC).
    **Probably based on the mega mix from NPG Ahdio Show Transmission #11

Prince - One nite alone (5 track promo CD)


PRINCE - "One Nite Alone Live EP" (5 track promo CD), 2002 (?)

This promotional CD-R called "One Nite Alone... Live EP" was send out by NPG Records to a couple of radio stations in early May 2002. Besides the title the CD is simply labelled with the song titles - the artwork also names the players. "One Nite Alone... Live EP" contains material recorded live in Indianapolis on March 11, 2002 - a fine jazzy-fonky 30 minutes jam in soundboard quality - here's the tracklisting:

1. Xenophobia* [11:23]
2. Muse 2 The Pharaoh** [4:47]
3. Mellow** [4:35]
4. The Other Side Of The Pillow*** [4:43]
5. Strange Relationship**** [4:24]

All songs are live recordings!
* unreleased song, title track from the 4thcoming album
** original version on "The Rainbow Children", 2002
*** original version on "The Truth", 1997
**** original version on "Sign O' the times", 1987

It is not clear if or when this CD will b released or available 2 purchase from the NPGMC or maybe 4 members of the club only. Maybe this is just a prerelease of a 4thcoming (full) live CD like "One Nite Alone Live" (CD)? This trax would have been a nice add 2 the club edition of "One Nite Alone" (2002)!

Prince - The very best of O(+> (Album 2002)


PRINCE - "The very best of O(+>", 2002 (?)

This title of a new Prince album was included in the current tour book (March 2002).
The other three announced albums are:

  • "Last December"
  • "One Night Alone"
  • "Xenophobia"

Prince - Last december (Album 2002)


PRINCE - "Last december", 2002 (?)

This title of a new Prince album was included in the current tour book (March 2002).
The other three announced albums are:

  • "One Night Alone"
  • "The Very Best of O(+>"
  • "Xenophobia"

Prince - Mini EP, collection of CD-Single trax (2001)

PRINCE - "Mini-EP" (A collection of CD-Single trax), May 2001

(Independent release thru DJ's Music Emporium - DJ Brother Jules) - 4 full contact/address please check out [MENU 1: SHOPS]!)


01. The Daisy Chain
02. Supercute
03. Underneath the Cream
04. The Works, Pt. 1
05. 2045: Radical Man
06. Northside
07. U make my sun shine
08. When will we b paid?

According 2 DJ's Music Emporium this 'Mini Ep' is not available for retail.

Mayb there'll b a direct sale during the celebration (June 2001) or at concerts!?

Prince - Crystal Ball II (Album 1998)

O(+> - Crystal Ball II (album):

Another fine collection - like the CRYSTAL BALL from 1998:

More or less confirmed songs 2 B included: "What should B souled?"
Results of the NPGONlineLTd.com CELEBRATION poll (from June 2000):

The TOP 17 (of 22) songs chosen 4 The Crystal Ball Volume II Project
(voted by guests/fans!):

01. Electric Intercourse
02. Love & Sex
03. Xtraloveable
04. 3 Nigs Watchin' A Kung Fu Movie
05. Evolsidog
06. Adonis & Bathseba
07. Eye Wonder
08. Others Here With Us
09. American Jam
10. Lust U Always
11. Strange Way of Saying Eye Love U
12. Everybody Want What They Don't Got
13. Girl 'O'My Dreams
14. U're All Eye Want
15. Turn It Up
16. Kiss - Xtended Version (Never released b4)
17. Katrina's Paper Dolls

18. She's just a baby
19. Gotta stop (messin' about)
20. If it'll make U happy
21. Come Electra Tuesday
22. Girl

This is NO tracklist and NOT a confirmed choice of 2 B released songs! It's only a vote by fans!
U can read the full celebration report at NPGOnlineLTD.com!

Prince - The Vault (online samples)

O(+> - The Vault:

NOW open - U can access Xclusive sound samples (some old, some nu - RealAudio format!):


Some rare stuff - watch out:

  • "Splash" [1:49]
  • "Cybersinlge" [1:04]
  • "Y should I do that, when I can do this?" [1:31]
  • "U´re still the one" [3:09]
  • "Madrid 2 Chicago" [1:54]

    plus other live jams, rare outtakes and mo' 2 come!

    U can access The Vault now here: The NPG Music Club

  • Prince - Newfunk sampling CD series  (Multi CD set, 2000)


    O(+> - Newfunk sampling CD series (7-CD set):

    *** This set is so far NOT released! ***

    The 4thcoming set contains 7 (!!!) CD´s with Prince samples from
    over 700 Prince songs!
    Sampled suites: bass, human voice, keyboards, loops & percussion,
    sound fx, orchestral).
    This DJ + Remixer´s dream comes alive 4 a onetime fee $700!

    This seven-CD set of Prince samples for producers, DJs and the general public was announced in the year 2000 to be available "soon" from the orderline 1-800-NEW-FUNK but is so far not released and it's not clear if this set will ever be released.
    The discs in the Newfunk Sampling CD Series - "Bass," "The Human Voice," "Guitar," "Keyboards," "Loops & Percussion," "Sound FX" and "Orchestral" - not only spare music producers the trouble of combing through Prince's long-lauded output for sounds, but also help to encourage legal use of the Artist's samples. Instead of full-length songs, the Newfunk CDs offer hooks, beats, etc., all culled from various Prince songs, including a few well-known works from his '80s heyday, such as "Kiss," "Raspberry Beret," "When Doves Cry", "Erotic City" and more.
    For a single payment of $700, producers will be able to sample the works featured on the CDs without fear of reprisal, copyright prosecution or additional royalties.

    Prince / The NPG - Peace  (Album 2001)

    The NPG - "Peace" (New album + single!)

  • "Peace / 2045: Radical Man" (4thcoming single)

    This very fonky The NPG tune is featering Prince on lead vox. Finally released - independently - on CD-Single (available/sold at HIT + RUN Tour 2001 concerts, April 14, 2001) - flip side is the previously released "2045: Radical Man" (from OST "Bamboozled", 2000).

    There's nothing known 'bout the album plans - but the following tracks are strong candidates:

  • "Peace"
  • "2045: Radical man"
  • "The Daisy Chain"
  • "Gamillah"
  • "Sadomasochistic Groove"
  • "Hypno paradise"
  • "Golden parachute"
  • "Judas Kiss"

  • Prince / O(+> - The Hot X-perience  (Maxi 2000)

    O(+> feat. Eve - "Hot with U" / The Hot X-perience:

    Check out GROOVEZ at NPGOnline.com!

    - a vinyl maxi single!
    - feat. Eve
    - new club remixes
    - bonus club remixes of "Hot wit U" on vinyl only!

    On July 19, 2000 DJ Wolf played (from Vinyl) at the club The Front in MPLS six new
    mixes and unreleased stuff. Maybe some tunes will appear on this X-perience or on the
    remix album "Rave in2 the joy fantastic":

  • "Hot Wit You" (Nasty Girl Remix)
  • "Hot Wit You" (a "hip hop"-like remix)
  • "Underneath The Cream"
  • "So Far So Pleased" (a 'Club/Dance' remix - mixed with portions of Rave-Remix)
  • "Hot Wit You" (a 'Club/Dance' Remix)

  • O(+> and Beyonce / O(+> and Larry Graham ?

    O(+> + Beyonce:

    O(+> wrote 2 new trax 4 a 4thcoming solo project of Beyonce
    (of the group Destiny´s Child)

    O(+> + Larry Graham:

    O(+> wrote 2 new trax 4 a 4thcoming project for/with Larry Graham (Graham Central Station):

  • "R U ready?"
  • "Bada boom"*

    *NOTE: The rumoured track "Bada boom" is the released tune "Poom poom" (from Crystal Ball, 1998)!
    This song was played in a funked-up live jam version. A revamped version?
  • Prince - High (Album 2000)


    Prince - HIGH (Album from 2000)

    The High album has been completed for quite some time (summer 2000) - announced over NPGOnlineLTD in 2000 - but there are no definite plans as to how/if the album will be released. There is no release date set!

    More or less all songs R meanwhile available over NPG Music Club, performed live or on the NPG AHDIO transmissions / as video or offered as complete download or as sample. "Underneath the cream" is circulating as "bootleg".

    This album project seems not to be 'completed', likely more trax will be added!

    At one point (August 2000), this 10 tracks were planned for inclusion on High:

    "HIGH" [47:12 min.]:

    01. "Supercute"* [4:15]
    02. "Underneath the cream"* [4:00]
    03. "Golden Parachute"* [5:33]
    04. "When will we b paid?"* [4:07]
    05. "The Daisy Chain"*+ [6:15]
    06. "Gamillah"* [3:11]
    07. "High"* [5:06]
    08. "My Medallion"* [5:07]
    09. "U make my sun shine"* [5:55]
    10. "When I lay my hands on you"* [3:39]

    [*] Available as complete (official) download or included in the NPG AHDIO Show(NPGMC),
    on (independent) CD-single and [+] full video from NPGMC.

    Prince - Celebration / Greatest Hits / Best of... (Album 2001)


    Prince - Celebration / Greatest Hits / Best of... (Album 2001?)

    - New greatest hits album (2-CD) tentatively titled "Celebration"
    - released on the label Warner Bros. (WB)
    - no set release date, April/May 2001 has been discussed
    - incl. two or three new songs for the album
    - Prince will promote the release with a large-scale international tour (which will be called Celebration)

    UPDATE: May 19, 2001:

  • Prince is in negotiation with a major record store chain 2 distribute his 'Greatest Hits' compilation
  • "Celebration" - incl.: 20 greatest hits - re-recorded and remastered - plus 4 brand nu trax!
  • No Warner Bros. logo :-P = it will NOT b a WB release!

    UPDATE: July 31, 2001:

    Finally the "The Very Best Of Prince" was released on July 31, 2001 on WB Records:

    DISCOGRAPHY: The Very Best Of...


  • Prince - Roadhouse garden (Album 1998)

    Prince - Roadhouse
    garden (Album):

    From "Love4oneanother" (10/07/1998):

    After announcing on September 30 that "Prince & the Revolution r releasing a new
    album on NPG," Prince now claims that "the group needn't b 2gether 2 release an
    album" and that he most likely "can and will finish the album alone unless the tide
    turns otherwise."

    From "Sonicnet Music News" (fron 10/10/98):

    Prince claims to be doing overdubs on a new album by Prince & the Revolution to be
    tentatively entitled Roadhouse Gardenand released on NPG Records, presumably in
    1999. In addition to several new tracks, the album will consist of completed "songs
    that were left unfinished when the band broke up."

    More or less confirmed trax 2 B included:

    "Roadhouse garden" (from 1984)
    "Witness 4 the prosecution" (from 1986)
    "Splash" (from 1985)
    "In a large room with no lights" (from 1986)
    "All my dreams" (from 1985)

    Prince - When 2 r in love: The Ballads of Prince (Album 2000)


    Prince - "When 2 R In Love: The Ballads of Prince" -
    (withdrawn album)

    According 2 NPG News/NPGOnlineLtd. (May 17, 2000):
    (Submitted by visionex@panix.com/May 17, 2000)

    A love song compilation titled When 2 R In Love: The Ballads of Prince was
    configured but denied for release by Warner Bros.

    Rumoured trax to be included: "Adore", "Do me, baby", "Insatiable", "Scandalous"


    Here's another unconfirmed tracklist of an also unreleased collection titled
    "Prince - Best Ballads"
    from 1995:

    1. Purple Rain
    2. The Question of U
    3. Nothing Compares 2 U
    4. I hate You
    5. The Morning Papers
    6. Diamonds & Pearls
    7. Graffiti Bridge
    8. When 2 R in Love
    9. Slow Love
    10. Under the Cherry Moon
    11. The Beautiful Ones
    12. Adore
    13. Let it Go
    14. Scandalous
    15. Pink Cashmere
    16. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World


    This compilation (c) 1995-2006 by DAWNATION - www. dawnation.com