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Last Updated: 08/03/2007

From Xenophobia over Madrid 2 Chicago to Xpectation

PRINCE - "Xenophobia", 2002

Tracklist "Xenophobia" (2002) [unreleased]:

01. "Xenophobia" [unreleased!]
02. "Xhalation" [2:03]
03. "Xcogitate" [3:33]
04. "Xemplify" [5:53]
05. "Xpectation" [4:01]
06. "Xotica" [3:05]
07. "Xogenous" [4:11]
08. "Xpand" [6:10]
09. "Xosphere" [3:34]
10. "Xpedition" [8:23]

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PRINCE - "Xpectation", 2003
 ["01 Jan 2003" Web only MP3 release]:

01. "Xhalation" [2:03]
02. "Xcogitate" [3:33]
03. "Xemplify" [5:53]
04. "Xpectation" [4:01]
05. "Xotica" [3:05]
06. "Xogenous" [4:11]
07. "Xpand" [6:10]
08. "Xosphere" [3:34]
09. "Xpedition" [8:23]

SOURCE: http://www.startribune.com/stories/1377/3580774.html

Published Jan. 10, 2003

Prince seeds 'xpectation'

Prince surprised his NPGMusicClub.com subscribers on New Year's Eve by posting online nine new songs all beginning with the letter X. His fans, in turn, reportedly surprised him with rumors based on the new tunes that he and his wife, Mani, are expecting their first child. The reasons add up like a true "Paul Is Dead" rock 'n' roll conspiracy: The number of new songs allegedly symbolizes nine months; one is called "Xpectation;" another, "Xpand," is the seventh on the list (pregnant women often expand most at seven months); and the final song, "Xpedition," ends with the sound of a baby crying. Prince's publicist took the 10-foot-pole approach ("I could never comment on something like that") but said I.W.'s query was a first. No comment from the Man has come down from Higheth since then. (C.R.)

Why the name change from "Xenophobia" to "Xpectation"?

The collection of songs called "Xpectation" is identical to the announced album "Xenophobia". The only song that was kicked off is the original titletrack "Xenophobia". This tune was release in a live version on "One Nite Alone Live EP" (5 track promo CD) and finally on the box set "One Nite Alone... Live!" in 2002.
The material was recorded in the first quarter of 2002. The NPG Music Club made all 9 songs available online - as '01 Jan 2003 Web only MP3 release' - xclusively to all members of the club!
The following 'press release' was offered on the Vanessa Mae Web (www.vanessamae.com):

PDF file!

SOURCE: http://vm.on-d.net/Prince.pdf / Author: www.calhoun-square.fr.st


Older rumours:

Rumoured 2 be a 'jazzy' Prince album feat. Candy Dulfer*. You find the word "Xenophobia" also on the latest One Night Alone-Tour T-shirts:

xen·o·phobe = A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.

Images © 2002 The NPG Music Club


*According 2 the official Candy Dulfer web (www.candydulfer.nl):

Candy records again with Prince
(December 17th 2001)

Candy has recorded again with Prince. Earlier this month Candy was invited by Prince to come to Minneapolis to record saxophone parts and solos for his upcoming album. In just two days Candy performed on eight tracks. It is not known at this time when this album will be released. Candy previously recorded with Prince on his 'Partyman' single and 'Grafitti Bridge' album and appeared as a special guest on his 1998 American and European tours.

It is possible that this album is identical with / the retitled album "Madrid 2 Chicago".


PRINCE - "Madrid 2 Chicago", 2002 (?)

This album title was officially announced at the Celebration 2000 event, June 2000 at Paisley Park (voting for the preferred next album Prince should release). This collection was described as a "smooth jazz album". The first rumoured trax are:

*Available since 01/17/2002 from The NPG Music Club.

It is possible that this album is identical with / retitled "Xenophobia".

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