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"Love, like a rose in bloom - all of the Rainbow Children will feel it soon."


Last update: November 22, 2001

05.11.2001: Interview with C' Babi Bayoc online!
20.10.2001: All lyrix!
14.10.2001: CD released in November 20 / new tracklist?
15.09.2001: More about the album artwork
01.09.2001: A release throu NPGMC?
02.04.2001: The Rainbow Children (story)
06.04.2001: The Work, Pt. 1 (online release thru Napster)

Further informations/articles
The unofficial tracklist

First public airing: June 11, 2001
Released 4 Premium Members*: October 17, 2001
RELEASED ON: November 20, 2001

*of The NPG Music Club, PreRelease/download

The official tracklist:

01. "The Rainbow Children" [10:03]
02. "Muse 2 the Pharaoh" [4:22]
03. "Digital Garden" [4:07]
04. "The Work, Part 1" [4:28]
05. "Everywhere" [2:55]
06. "The Sensual Everafter" (Instrumental) [2:58]
07. "Mellow" [4:24]
08. "1 + 1 + 1 = 3" [5:17]
09. "Deconstruction" [2:00]
10. "Wedding Feast [0:54]
11. "She loves me 4 me" [2:50]
12. "Family name" [8:17]
13. "The Everlasting Now" [8:18]
14. "Last december" [7:58]
15.-20. (Blank) [0:04]
21. Extro: 'One... one... one' [0:39]
[TT 69:58]

September 15, 2001

The album artwork is inspired by / based on the painting
"Reine Keis Quintet" by C' Babi Bayoc.

Here U can read an interview with the painter from
The CommonSpace: Sept. 2001.

Read more about this artist from St. Louis, Missouri:

October 14, 2001
CD release on 11/09/2001?

According to HMV ( and there is a CD and LP release of "The Rainbow
Children" set for November 20, 2001! Other rumours talking about a "digi-pack" edition with a full-
coloured 28 page booklet!

This is the unconfirmed track listing:

01. Rainbow Children
02. Muse to the Pharoah
03. Digital Garden
04. The Work Pt 1
05. Everywhere
06. The Sensual Everafter
07. Mellow
08. 1+1+1 is 3
09. Deconstruction
10. Wedding Feast
11. She Loves Me 4 Me
12. Family Name
13. The Everlasting Now
14. Last December

Release Date: 20-11-2001
Catalogue Number: RDL700422
Label: RDL, Revolver Distribution Label
Drumz - John Blackwell; Soprano Sax - Najee; Backing vocals - Milenia, Keip Blackshire, Mr Hayes,
Femi Jiya Bass on The Work and Last December - Larry Graham Jr.; Horns - Hornheadz

September 1, 2001
According 2 The NPG Music Club (NPGMC):

"High NPG Music Club,

As mentioned in r previous emale, the controversial new album from Prince - THE RAINBOW
CHILDREN - will make its worldwide debut right here on the NPG Music Club 4 all the
Premium Members in October. Technically that is 14 NEW SONGS - downloadable by U from UR
CLUB. An entire BRAND NEW album in one month. Sound good 2 U?

After 7 months of the NPG Music Club, we want 2 thank everyone who has joined us 2 make
this their club. With over 3 albums worth of material, 7 hours of Ahdio shows, over an
hour of videos, and unheard of concert ticket oppor2nities - this Club's value is clear
and cherished. And by supporting the artist directly, U r taking a stand with creation
over corporation, substance over similac, and the truth over the lie that we all need the
matrix 2 survive.

But only ur continued support will keep the doors open wide and the music flowing. Like
any flower, we need water 2 grow. Spread the word about Ur Club and the music U have been
xperiencing. Spread the word about the upcoming release of THE RAINBOW CHILDREN 4 all the
Premium Members in October. With an entire album being released in2 the Club, we r asking
everyone 2 get at least ONE person 2 sign up as a Premium Member 4 this special event.
Get them 2 refer ur name while signing up, ur help will not go unnoticed. This album MUST
b heard!

R u willing 2 do The Work?

The NPG Music Club"

Further informations/articles:

  • NPG Music Club: Celebration 2001
  • The Rainbow Children Report
  • Neumu/The insider one daily report: Going To Mecca, Losing My Religion

    The Rainbow Children (Album from 2001?)

    More or less officially confirmed is another album, titled "The Rainbow Children" -
    to be released later in 2001. On April 2, 2001 it was announced on the
    Napster Pressroom
    and on various music news pages, the Prince is to promote/share a new song on Napster
    (startup 04/06/2001) called "The Work - Pt. 1" The song is slated to be released
    later this year on Prince's forthcoming album "The Rainbow Children".

    Soon after this a couple of fanmade or faked tracklistings for the album appeared on
    the internet or in some newsgroups. NPG Online Ltd. comment on April 9, 2001, Paisley Transmissions:

    the song titles from The Rainbow Children will NEVER b divulged until time 4 release, so do "THE WORK"! 

    Funny, the domain was registered (on 04/03/2001) to:

    Paisley Park Enterprises (THERAINBOWCHILDREN-DOM), 7801 Audubon Road, Chanhassen, MN 55317, USA

    April 6, 2001

    I'm willing 2 do THE WORK, tell me now - what about u?

    All about 'The Work Pt. 1'
    online/available on Napster!

    Since 04/06/2001 the previously unreleased Prince song "The Work, Pt. 1" is available,
    shared free with the Napster community (

    Taken from

    Is this what James Brown would sound like if he were a brand new artist 2day?
    Say it Loud - PRINCE is back with his funkiest live jam since "Sexy MF."
    "The Work - Pt. 1" is the first cybersingle from the first full-length studio
    album from Prince since he reclaimed his name. Shawn asks, "How do we keep
    Prince's hair NAPPY?" Prince's reply, "Deal directly with THE ARTIST!"
    The Egg is serving CROW 2nite. All Record XECS R Welcome!"
    Check out the song lyrix:

    The NPG Music Club also put a special page online (incl. further information and the song lyrix):

    "NAPSTER USERS, Take a stand with the artists. Support projects like the NPG Music Club!
    No record labels, no middle-men, just music straigth from the musicians. R U willing 2 do the work?"

    Check out the song lyrix - provided by NPG Music Club,
    written by Prince © 2001 NPG Records


    Yes, a nu + unreleased Prince song is offered: "The Work - Pt. 1" (3:41, mostly 128 KB/s)
    This tune - in style and jazzy mood of "When the lights go down", "It's about the walk"
    or the unreleased NPG outtake "It takes 3" - offers Prince's falsetto, jazzy guitar work
    (props 2 Levi Seacer, Jr.!) plus fresh sparkles from The NPG Hornz (from 1994?)
    Would have been the perfect add to the 1999 release "The Vault... old friends 4 sale"!
    Interesting lyrix - check it out (c above!). Unfortunatly nothing groundbreaking, but
    a nice + smooth jazzy affort - C it as it is - thank U 4 the 'outtake'!

    P.S.: Lookin' 4 the funk on Napster? Mr. Short Khop - "Dollaz, Drank and Dank"