Please also check out: RAVE in2 the joy fantastic - SPECIAL EDITION 2000/2001

World full of lovers city full of good times
don´t go undercover I can get U out of yo mind - come on.
All U need is a good walk and a brand new position...
then we can spread the real soul, doin´ it like a mission.
Rave un2 the joy fantastic!
Arrividerci cock poppy that was hip yesterday -
new thang hittin´ where it feel good, what´d U say?
Tell me y´all ain´t that the bomb mack daddy ain´t got no gun


Last update: August 4, 2001

Tracklist "Rave un2 the joy fantastic"

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+ 7 CD-set of Samples announced!

UPDATE: October 26, 1999
Thanx 2 Gerard van den Ijssel
© 1999 NPG Records/Paisley Park Enterprises
RELEASE-DATE: November 2, 1999

The official tracklist:

01. Rave un2 the joy fantastic [4:19]
02. Undisputed (feat. Chuck D.) [4:20]
03. The greatest romance ever sold [5:29]
04. SEGUE [0:04] (4 seconds of silence - dedicated 2 Miles Davis!)
05. Hot with U (feat. Eve) [5:12]
06. Tangerine [1:31]
07. So far, so pleased (feat. Gwen Stefani) [3:24]
08. The sun, the moon & the stars [5:16]
09. Everyday is a winding road [6:13]
10. SEGUE [0:19]
11. Man ´O´ war [5:15]
12. Baby knows (feat. Sheryl Crow) [3:19]
13. I love U but I don´t trust U anymore (feat. Ani DiFranco) [3:36]
14. Silly game [3:30]
15. Strange but true [4:13]
16. Wherever U go, what ever U do [3:16/8:50]
17. SEGUE ("1-800-NEWFUNK AD")[0:44] HIDDEN TRACK!
18. Pretty man (feat. Maceo Parker) [4:25] HIDDEN TRACK!
[TT 66:45/70:00]

Other rumoured - but unconfirmed - tracks are (possibly titled):

"Pretty man" feat. Maceo Parker
"Baby knows" feat. Sheryl Crow
"Funky love"
"Hypno paradise"
"Come and dance with me"


A new song titled "What should B souled", aired July, 3 1999 - was announced
NOT 2 B from/on the 4thcoming album Rave un2 the joy fantastic.
UPDATE: October 23, 1999
Here´s a scan of the tracklist (Rave promo CD/Arista):

January 22, 2000

Japanese edition of

Rave un2 the joy fantastic:

This 70min.-version of "Rave un2 the joy fantastic" contains 19 tracks - the regular 16
songs plus the hidden "1-800-New-Funk" advertisement (track 18), "Pretty man" (track 19)
and the bonus song "TGRES (Adam & Eve remix)" feat. Eve (track 17 - 5:32 min.).

The box is identical to the released version but comes within a silver back sheet and a
lyric book in Japanese.

UPDATE: October 27, 1999
Magazine announcement

November 10, 1999

Rave un2 the joy fantastic

A fan´s review


BY: raveuntothejoy@aol.comnospam (RaveUnToTheJoy)

"I have put together an extensive review of Rave while listening to it. I hope
whatever I wrote sways your decision to get the CD.

My Review Of Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

Ok, I had 2 weeks with this CD already, so I am going to give it a review that
may help sway the decision of the people who are thinking about getting it.  I
have been a fan of the mans music for about 20 years, and I will be the first
one to tell you, the man has not had a decent PRINCE quality album since The
Gold Experience, that was the last time a new release by the man was up to par
with his potential.  It had some experimental sounds and some real commercial
stuff.  I still don't know what the hell Warner Brothers was thinking when they
decided to not promote it.  New Power Soul on the other hand was a major
disappointment and Emancipation was too overbloated, it had some high points,
but was not consistent from beginning to end, like Prince CD's usually are. 
Ok, now on to the task at hand, RAVE.  The packaging is interesting, a little
cheesy, but interesting, the case was sitting on my car in direct sunlight and
that blue glossy picture of him looked pretty cool.  I like the foldout booklet
and the fact that the lyrics are on it, not a separate purchase from newfunk. 
What is scary is that the dude looks like he stepped out of 1988 and into 99, I
could not stand his look from the mid 90's on, with those ridiculous Parka
jackets, the short hair, and those ridiculous Versace sunglasses with the gold
all over the sides.  This look he has now is ultrareminiscent of his past
looks, which is a mad plus, dude was the coolest MF back in the late 80's with
all those funky suits and long hair.  If any of y'all seen the Lovesexy tour,
y'all would know what I mean.  That and the Sign O the Times period was his
Well guess what folks, HE'S BACK!!!!

Like I said before I had the CD 2 weeks and I really listened to it alot and
now, I am over that NEW CD phase.  I have bought 3 cd's since, so I had the
chance to listen to other music besides Prince since I bought it.  But that is
irrelevant.  Here we go:

TRACK 1-RAVE UN2 THE JOY FANTASTIC--Ok, right from the beginning, PRINCE all
the way.  The vocals, that guitar and the drum machine with the keyboards. 
Than the classic falsetto with the screams and all, I know this track is old,
but it is what we been missing.  I know alot of y'all probably had this on
bootleg over the years, but I am gonna tell you the truth, I never heard this
version in full EVER.  I heard a live boot of Rave and a snippet of it, but
never the whole song.  Granted, this song does not fit in on the CD, but since
when does anything the man do make sense, it is great to hear, some amazing
guitar teasers throughtout this song, but he never breaks out in a full fledge
solo, which keeps me wanting more.  Maybe on the Special Edition of Rave, we
will see.  This song is straight out of that Lovesexy-SOTT time period I miss
and loved so much, I would love to see him do this live.  This is a great start
to the CD, UP NEXT....

TRACK 2- UNDISPUTED--  This is a funky jam, love the drum programming on this
one.  The lyrics show the cool, confident dude who knows his stuff don't stink,
trends follow him like Israelites through the red sea, on this track true no
doubt.  This is PRINCE, the attitude is there, definitely not cheese, right up
there in the funky stuff dept with Housequake.  The quirky guitar part and the
part where he does that bad singing are hysterical.  I can ever put up with the
NPG-GET ROWDY chants, it fits.  This is like an updated PRINCE, not THE ARTIST.
 Than Chuck comes in, this adds to the song, granted I thought the song would
be more of a duet between P and Chuck, but Chuck is on there just enough.  This
is not HIP HOP, it is funk, despite people thinking it is hip hop because CHuck
is on it.  Overall, a really good song.  Not my favorite, but than again, maybe
one day it will be, you know how Prince songs are, sometimes you are driving
and GLAM SLAM will pop into your head and you gotta get home and listen to it. 
This is still a great track, so far 2 for 2.  Than comes....

Track 3- The Greatest Romance Ever Sold-- This is the most New Power Soul
sounding track on the CD, but that is actually a good thing here.  When I first
heard the single over a month ago, I was not too excited as this as a first
choice of single.  I just was not too thrilled with it, but oh man, this GREW
on me big time.  It is one of my faves now, and get this, I played it for some
friends at a halloween party and the non-Prince fans were jamming to it, so I
guess the song is good.  You gotta understand, we, as P-fans, hear his music
differently than other people, strange but true, LOL!!!   This song is great to
cruise in a convertible too with a mad pumpin system bangin it.  The CD version
has the cool extended ending, it adds a happy change to the song, changes it up
a bit, which is cool.  The vocals are awesome.  so far 3 for 3.  After some
silence in respect to Miles Davis comes....

Track 4-Hot Wit U-- This is the Billy Jack Bitch of the CD, got the horns and
Prince, not rapping but rhymically speaking as he says.  This is a very funky
track, although at first listen I did not like it.  It grew on me, has that
cool synth in it, like a classic Prince song, another classic Prince funk song.
 This song has HIT written all over it.  So if this drops as a single gets a
funky video, we got a classic hit, I mean something that people will really
dig, more along the lines of a hit as in the way Cream was rather in a hit the
way Kiss was.  Will do well , but will never be a CLASSIC PRINCE HIT in the way
Kiss was.  But this will be a classic to us Prince fans.  Having Eve on the
song does not hurt either, that should help sales of the song a bit.  Prince
did a good thing having a hot rapper guest instead of lame old Dougie Fresh, or
that fool from Emancipation, Scrap Dog or something.  He went and got the
number 1 rapper out there to be on this song.  Good move, it is a little bit
like cheating, but hell, if this is a way to get people to hear his quality
stuff, than so be it.  4 for 4, not bad, would make Wade Boggs proud.  Next

Track 5- Tangerine--  This is a cool little jazzy number, way short.  But this
song does not catch me like the rest of the CD.  But the way it ends and goes
into the next jam is DA BOMB!!!  As it fades we go into....

Track 6-  So Far So Pleased--  CAN SOMEBODY SAY MAJOR HIT SONG HERE!!!!  This
is the track, when this drops it is gonna be huge.  P has not done anything
like this since I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man.  There is something
about his vocals and Gwen Stefani's on this song that mix so well.  This track
is gonna make me wanna get the new No DOubt cd when it drops, just to hear the
song P did on that one.  This song, with a kick ass video will no doubt be
huge.  This songs makes you wanna cruise around the town with the top down.  
did that for a while with it.  Cool solo in the middle, a Prince solo,
something we ain't seen in a while.  The keyboards and synths playing in the
back throughout the song make it also.  I can even put up with Kirky's
drumming.  Than at the end when he ends with that AHHHHHHHH!!!!  OOOHHH!!!!   
got chills man, this song is Prince all the way.  But next up he slows things
down a bit.....

TRACK 7-  The Sun, The Moon and Stars--  this is different from him.  I love
the strings in the background, this song would not sound out of place on
parade.  Got that Under The Cherry Moon sound to it, a little more updated
though.  His vocals on it are great, who said he is losing his falsetto???  The
song cruises along, another good driving song.  Than it breaks into a reggae
jam, which is him singing in a reggae accent, which believe it or not, sounds
pretty good.  It builds up with some cool singing at the end of the reggae
part.  I really like this song, reminds me of Strolling or Willing and Able,
that type of vein, with some parade thrown in.  A good hybrid of Prince's past
sounds mixed together with a little of maybe the future, we'll see....  

Track 8- Every Day Is A Winding Road--  Done nicely, but does not hold my
interest, this was better left off the CD, I count this as filler.  Sounds very
gospel.  Does not go with his theme of the album which I assume was supposed to
be a Prince album.  Somebody else in a prior review said this track belongs on
GCS2000, and guess what, I agree 100%.  The song is good though, just don't fit
in here.  Got that bell sound in the background, sounds like it is trying to
get that 70's disco sound in it.  I am just wondering, what was going through
his head when he decided to do this?  Sounds good, just sounds like something
he should not have done.  Should have thrown 1999 the New Master in there or
something, just to get it on a CD, like he did with The Most Beautiful Girl In
The World on the Gold Experience.  I assume that this spot on the CD was saved
for 1999-TNM, but he had a change of heart and placed this song there, sounds
similar in sound to that, the Larry Graham bass influence, which is not bad, it
just don't fit.  Much like he replaced Rave with Partyman on the Batman CD. 
For some reason this song reminds me of Sleep Around off Emancipation, is that
good or bad????  Next up.....

after a very cool Under The Cherry Moon type string segue comes...

Track 9- Man O War--  this song is a classic Prince ballad in the same style of
Adore.  The lyrics are strong and sad.  This song I was listening to the car at
full volume and it almost brought me to tears, being I have been through a
relationship that ended bad and it made me think.  This is that type of song,
guys, next time you and your girl call it quits, listen to this, or maybe
don't, may tear you apart.  The sound of the song has those horns in the
background that sound like the horns off Adore.  Cool little guitar solo in the
middle. This will be one of those songs you hear on the Quiet Storm in NY when
listening to BLS.  If this song was done by 98 Degrees or Backstreet Boys,
would be a huge hit. This still could be a huge hit, if this whole Prince
revival thing catched on.  This is one of my favorites off the CD.  Sung in a
combination of his falsetto and regular voice, excellent track, after crying
from this one, I need to have some fun....

TRACK 10- Baby Knows--  BANG!!! Here is the fun, this track kicks ass, he got a
major hit on his hands with this one.  The drums are awesome, you know this is
Michael B, you can hear the difference.  This is fun Prince, got the keyboards,
and all the craziness of a song like Delirious, this song is no doubt about the
hip hop VIP room at Life in New York City.  I am there alot, and that part
where goes funky little joint way down in the city where the girls sing along
to the hip hop all night long describes Life to a tee.  He even adds some
barking on the song, I ain't heard him bark on a song since LaLaLa HeeHeeHee
back in the 80's.  If this song gets a kickass video with Sheryl Crow in it,
TRL will be swamped with requests for it.  This sounds like it is gonna be a
major live jam when he performs it live.  is it me or does P need some sort of
creative women around to create kick ass songs like this.  This song and So Far
So Pleased top anything he did in the 90's so far.  The end is hilarious.  Ok,
ok. I will stop RAVING about this one and depress y'all some more....

TRACK 11- I Love U, But I Can't Trust You Anymore--  Man, if Man O War don't
make you cry, this one will.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS DEPRESSED AFTER A
BREAKUP!!!  This song is reminiscent of Condition Of the Heart, or Sometimes It
Snows In April.  I am listening to it as I type this review, and I am getting
some mad chills.  The acoustic guitar and piano with the wierd background
noises are making me sad.  This is a serious breakup song, you gotta be
wondering what the hell him and mayte are going through, I feel for both of
them after hearing this song.  This song is the antiwedding song, LOL!!!  After
this song, I am gonna go begging my girl to come back to me.  he has not done a
song like this in a long time, this is a Prince song to the utmost.  He needs
to make more ballads like this in the future, by the way, Ani Difranco is
playing acoustic guitar on this one, how come my 3 favorites off the CD feature
girls as guests???  Just makes me think what if he got together with Wendy and
Lisa for a track.  Hmmm, hopefully one day we will see that...

Track 12- Silly Game-- Song is a little bit cheesy.  Sounds like a 70's love
song.  The vocals are very reminiscent of his For You period.  Not very
musically complex, still a good track.  This one also qualifies as filler.  The
strings on it are nice, also very reminiscent of the Parade era. If you
combined For You and Parade, the results would be this song.  SOunds like a
nice song to drive around to.  The strings are beautiful though.  Nothing much
to say otherwise...

Track 13- Strange But True--  I really love this song, this is PRINCE.  This is
what people say when they say that Prince makes experimental records. This song
is really different, but it is still a Prince song.  This song has a
Controversy sounding vocals to it, but the music is more Pheromone.  I love the
way it starts.  This sounds like it could be early Prince.  This is definitely
a classic.  I love the keyboards and guitar and synths, the sounds all work. 
Has that Dance Electric guitar in it.  This song is a real throwback. I cannot
say I love it more times.  Could also be something off the Black Album, along
the lines of Superfunkicalifragisexy.  i like it, any Prince fan would.

Track 14- Where U Go, Whatever U Do-- This songs combines some of his old
songs, starts off with a Sign Of The Times era sound, with I Wish U Heaven
thrown in.  This song is missing an extended guitar solo, which hopefully the
special edition of Rave will have.  I like this jam also, the thing is, it just
sounds like it never gets going.  This one must be cool live with a solo thrown
in.  His vocals are awesome, he is dueting with himself the whole time.  The
funny thing is at times, it sounds like a Backstreet Boys song, LOL!!!! 

almost done, some wack commercial for New Funk shows up, with Bob George doing
the add, LOL!!! and than comes THE JAM

Track 15-  Pretty Man--  This song is truly a jam, this is pure funky ass
Prince.  This is another one that rates up there with Housequake.  This song is
hilarious, reminds me of Movie Star.  The whole song is him bragging about how
pretty a man he is, LOL!!!  The lyrics are so funny.  The music is nothing but
downright dirty funk as only he can do it.  This is a great song musically as
well.  Has a James Brown influence on it for sure, James could probably do this
song himself, maybe because none other than Maceo Parker is the sax player on
it.  And boy, Maceo, can he blow. LOL!!!  I can picture throwing this jam on at
a jam and having the whole place goin nuts dancing to this.  Like somebody said
before, this is everything Cloreen Baconskin wasn't.  He does some awesome
Prince screams throughout the song.  Great way to end this thing.

Ok, now that my review is done, overall I give this album 9 out of 10, barring
1 or 2 songs, this album is a major ass kicker.  I predict major success for
this CD if he gets the right promotion from Arista Records.  I am eagerly
awaiting the Special Edition of Rave.  it was nice to finally get some new
music from Prince, not o(+> or the New Power Generation.  In my opinion, dude
should work with creative women more often, he creates some magical stuff when
does that.  I am very happy with this CD, I like it even more than The Gold
Experience.  TGE had much more filler on it in my opinion.  I would not place
this CD up there with Sign O The Times, but I would definitely put it up there
with Parade or Around The World In A Day.  This by far his best work of the
90's including Diamonds and Pearls and the Symbol album.  Now, where the hell
is playing New Years Eve?????


March 11, 2000

Rave un2 the joy fantastic

Another fan´s review

by Tyler Malone (

"To me, Prince, The Artist or whatever U wanna call him, is a total genius on all his musical endeavors,
and while many criticize his late 90s work, I seem to enjoy it, but still I admit often they are worse
than his previous records. From the beginning, I knew Rave would be awesome, from the moment I heard
the first bootleg MP3 of "So Far, So Pleased"...I downloaded a couple other of the songs before the
release, but then I decided to stop. I did this so the CD would be more of a surprise. The ones I did
already download, I deleted a week before the release, so I wouldn't be sick of the songs by the time
the CD was released. The only song I allowed myself to listen to was "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold"
because I bought the single.

The moment I got the CD I put it in my CD player and listened to it all the way through. During this
time I looked at the packaging. I was glad it came with lyrics and I loved the CD case. Though
packaging is important, I quickly got it off my mind, so I could pay full attention to the music. I've
had the CD for a long time now, so the "NEW CD PHASE" is long passed, yet I still constantly find this
CD in my Player...Here's why... "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" starts the CD off on a good note. It's
a funky, rock tune with tremendous lyrics. It's very reminescent of Sign Of The Times Period stuff
...hmmm, maybe because that's around the time it was created. It reminds me of stuff like "Good Love"
and "Sign Of The Times" and "Dance On"....I think this song is definately an awesome track and it's
fun to listen to. It has incredible music, using keyboard, guitar and drum machines-PREFECTLY PRINCE!
Plus, the lyrics are also top-rate. This song definately started the CD off on a good note. "Undis-
puted" is basically an even more funky "Housequake". It's a cross between hip-hop and pure funk. I think
Chuck D's addition to the song only hurts the song, but still overall the song is good. It is actually
one of my favorites, even though I wish Chuck D wasn't on it. Here he's cool, confident and funky...
it's Prince again!!!! TRUE PRINCE!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! The lyrics are cool, and even though the chorus
is kinda cheesy, it goes nicely with this song. This song is definately enjoyable, and undisputedly funky!

"The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" is another great song, which I loved from the beginning. It reminds
me a lot of a cross between "Beautiful Strange" and "Insatiable". "The Adam & Eve Remix" is even better
(and we hope to see that on the re-do of "Rave" by NPG Records) Anyways, this song is definately pretty
good, but not quit as good as "Undisputed" or "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic". I was disappointed that this
was the first single choice because "So Far, So Pleased" or "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" or "Hot Wit U"
could be such bigger hits, but overall the song is no disappointment. "Segue", a short silence for Miles
and off to "Hot Wit U". This song is definately one of the best on the CD. It's a funky, sexual number
in which Eve adds beautifully too. This definately has an 80s feel, but isn't out-of-style, its funk,
and true funk is timeless. This should definately be a single and a video, a sexy video, and I'm sure
Total Request would be bustin this all the way to number 1 (us Artist/Prince fans just need to vote...
that is if he ever does a video for this!!!!) "Tangerine" is the first track that didn't put me in awe at
first, but later I came to the realization that this track wasn't all that bad. I actually enjoy this a
lot now. It is similar to the stuff on the Truth, yet it is better than most of those acoustic songs.
Though it doesn't shine, it's definately a good track...but I;'m not sure if it fits so much on this
CD (and if it does, it definately doesn't fit between "Hot Wit U" and "So Far, So Pleased") "So Far,
So Pleased" is perfect. Definately one of the best tracks on this record. It is reminicent of many
different eras of Prince/Artist, it's hard for me to compare it to any of his previous songs because
it seems like a melting pot of old Prince and Artist tracks......then add in some No Doubt. The way
their voices blend is amazing, I've never heard such perfect vocals!!!! The lyrics are amazing as well,
and so is the music-Its Prince at his best!!!! It's awesome, it should have been the first single,
this CD would have sold more than Santana's "Supernatural". "Rave..." is so much better
than "Supernatural", but "Supernatural" had an incredible hit single. I think our Purple Friend needs
too choose singles better...But no complaints because according to his website he wants this to be the
second single!!!!

Look out world, here he comes... "The Sun, The Moon And Stars" is another song that is hard to compare
to anything previous, but if your want my recipe to this song here it is... Start with some "The Ballad
Of Dorothy Parker" Add some "Letitigo" and "Space" and a splash of some other stuff from the "Come"
Album - that dreamy feel Spice it up with a little "Beautiful Strange" Then add some "Under The Cherry
Moon" Finish it off with some jamaican style rappin Bake at 300 degrees until brown, then spread "Strollin"
all over it! I think that's the best (and only) way to describe this song....It's pretty good...
but more interesting than awesome! "Everyday Is A Winding Road"....Why is everyone bashing this song?
I mean, I know no one really likes him remaking songs, especially Sheryl Crow, but he did a good job.
It's funky and disco-style, I enjoyed it from the first time I heard it, and it hasn't gotten old. If u
give it a chance, I'm sure u will like it!

"Segue", some beautiful music, but on to "Man 'O' War"...which I am absolutely in love with!!!!!! It is
a beautiful song and the perfect thing to listen to after u have just broken up with someone who treated
u wrong, r u were just dumped. It's an empowering song, though it is sad. It is very soulful, truly
beautiful song. One of my favorites on this CD, and if TAFKAP really didn't want to release a fast,
funky song for his first single, he shoulda released this!!!!!! But oh well, I guess it can be an under-
ground classic, for Prince fans.... "Baby Knows" is a pretty good song. I think it is a good song,
but for some reason it doesn't attract me like I thought it would. It's good and definately funky,
but not near my favorite! If u like unadulterated funk, u may enjoy this... I really am confused as to
why I don't love it, cuz it is a good song and I love his funky stuff, but oh well!

"I Love U, But I Can't Trust U Anymore" is one of the Artist's best ballads. It is sooo sad that even a
cold-hearted ass could find a way to cry while listening to this song. It touches every heart!!!! The lyrics
are clever and the music is beautiful...there's not much to say, it's lovely!!!!!!!

"Silly Game"...when did Minneapolis move to Philidelphia???? Cuz this is Philedelphia soul..... kinda
motown style is goin on. It's not an awesome song, but it's not bad either. It's a unique piece that
sounds like Smokey Robinson would be beltin out, but O(+> pulls it off nicely. The music and lyrics
are cool, and smooth, it's a nice chill song...bust it out when u are alone and u'll love it

"Strange But True" is a song that I rarely listen to, but I fully enjoy. It's interesting, because
he is simply talking (somewhat rhythmically) over kinda trippy "Come album type music. This, "The Sun,
The Moon And Stars" and "Undisputed" are definately his most experimental tracks on the album. This
song won´t be one of your favorites, but I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.

"Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do" is one of my all-time favorite Prince/Artist songs. I listen to this,
"She's Always In My Hair" and "Strange Relationship" non-stop!!!!! They all are empowering, yet sad... but
happy-I can't explain, but I'm sure u know what I mean...just listen to "She's Always In my Hair" and u
get what I mean!!! I hear all sorts of Prince songs in this song, such as "I Wish U Heaven" and "17 Days"
This song is a 10 out of 10 definately!!!!! The CD is worth just this and "So Far, So Pleased" ---->
Those two would make the CD incredible and all the other stuff just adds to the beauty of the CD...
"Commercial Break"....haha...u'll laugh...but on to "Pretty Man"...This is a funk track in the essence
of James Brown and the Ohio Players. Yet along with tha sound, it has the Prince sassiness. This song is
fun. It is a good way to end the album...

Overall, as u can tell, there's not one song which disappointed me. This CD is incredible, and it should
have been up for the Grammy of Album Of The me, it's amazing, buy it if u even remotely
like Prince or the Artist or Camille or any form of our Purple Pal!!!!!!!!!! I'd give the CD a 9 out
of 10 on the Prince scale, but if u compare it to all the crap out there it's definately a 10 out of 10."

-Tyler Malone

November 20, 1999

Posted by

RAVE - ltd. + ext. edition/faked tracklist

The following tracklist was posted by on
(November 15, 1999). The last months we had a couple of faked and fanmade
tracklists (of Rave un2 the joy fantastic, The Dawn and Roadhouse Garden).
Some where posted rom fictitious AOL emails accounts (like
The only known facts about the ltd. and ext. editon of Rave un2 the joy fantastic is
releaseof a limited edition of 100,000 copies of an "alternate" Rave Un2 The Joy
Fantastic with different mixes and possibly alternate tracks thru independent chan-
nels such as the 1-800-NEW-FUNK web site.
It could also be that some unreleased songs will be included - like "BEAUTIFUL
STRANGE" (from "Beautiful Strange" TV video special, November 1998), "R U
READY?" (played live at Paisley Park performance, April 1999) or "WHAT SHOULD
B SOULED" (a new tune aired July, 3 1999).
The only - more or less - confirmed song to be included is the Adam and Eve remix
of "The greatest romance ever been sold" (feat. Eve) - released on the same
CD-Single and MaxCD. Maybe some further mixes from the 4thcoming
- Remixes (MaxCD)
will be on the alternate version. But to our knowledge
nothing is confirmed!


According 2
The Hornheads web (projects)

"The Hornheads are on HOT WIT U and MAN O' WAR.
Three other tracks were recorded for this CD [Rave un2 the joy
. Atleast one of those (which is loaded with horns)
may end up on the NPG limited edition of Rave."

UPDATE: December 8, 1999:
Submitted by jwsullivan on December 6, 1999 /taken from Prince Org. News (Reprint):


More on Rave outtakes
submitted 1999-12-06 20:27:08 by jwsullivan

I just received an e-mail from Michael B. Nelson, of the Hornheadz, which included
three titles of tracks he recorded with.They are: 
"R U Ready?"
(A lot of you have heard of this track already - funk tune) 
"I Ain't Gonna Run"
 (12/8 shuffle - happy tune) Wasn't "Temptation" in 12/8 time? 
"Y should I Do That, If I Can Do This?"
 (funk tune) 

He's heard that "R U Ready?" might end up on the Special Edition of RAVE, but
he's unsure of the other two. He's not even sure if they were ever intended for RAVE. 

I hope we get to hear these some day." 

UPDATE: August 4, 2001

More outtakes from the sessions:

  • "This is your life"
  • "Don't say no"
  • "What should b souled"

Ok, a last word to the rumoured and probably faked tracklist:

BTW the following listed tracks are indeed Prince/O(+> compositions:

"MADRID 2 CHICAGO" and "U´RE STILL THE ONE" (announced - as new track/Shania
Twain coverversion - over Love4oneanother, Januarary 1999), "SHE`S SO HOT"
(recorded in 1991/92 during the sessions for the album "O(+>"), "BY ALIEN MEANS"
(written, recorded on the Lovesexy Tour - copyrighted in 1988), "THE TRUTH" (title-
trackfrom the released acoustic album with the same name, 1997), "LOVE IS EVERY-
WHERE" and "SPIRITUAL WORLD" (shown on the sheet music in Graffiti Bridge,1989),
"THE LINE" (sometimes called "Cross the line" - recorded in 1987 with the Lovesesy
tour band feat. co-vocals by Sheila E. and Boni Boyer; inspired by a poem "The line"
by Ingrid Chavez and incl. portions of the song "Take my hand, precious Lord" (by
Thomas A. Dorsey) .

Here´s the faked tracklist posting:

"Starting on Jan 23, 2000......... u can get the special edition of "Rave Un2
the Joy Fantastic"....... a 3 CD affair, priced at $29.99  

CD 1:
Segue < :34>
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic <8:13>
This Wonder <4:04>
Love is Everywhere <4:55>
Undisputed <5:32>
Segue < :23>
The Greatest Romance Ever sold <9:34>
Segue <:06>
Ex Ones <5:23>
After U <3:09>
Madrid 2 Chicago <4:37>
Beautiful Strange <7:02>
Hot Wit U <8:21>

CD 2:
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (adam & Eve x tended) <8:19>
Tangerine <4:23>
Girl who Stood Next 2 Me <3:55>
She's So Hot <4:12>
segue < :12>
By Alien Means <6:08>
So Far So Pleased <5:05>
The Sun, The Moon and Stars <7:02>
Him <3:47>
segue < :45>
The Truth <6:22>
comethisway <3:58>
Every day is a winding road <8:22>
K's Box <3:21>
U R Now Listening 2... <3:01>

CD 3:
segue <1:03>
ManOWar <7:02>
U're Still The One <3:42>
SpiritualWorld <3:49>
baby Knows <5:44>
 Love U but  can't trust u anymore <4:56>
Segue < :44>
We Overcome <2:12>
The Line <7:45>
Silly Game <6:12>
Strange But True <5:58>
segue < :56>
wherever U go, whatever U do <5:23>
segue <: 52>
Energy <3:09>
Prettyman <12:48>"

November 19, 1999

More RAVE reviews online

The Onion´s A.V. Club
Wilson & Alroy´s Prince Record Reviews(*)
Undercover Online: UReviews - Heavy Rotation:
Washington Post Online

(*) offers reviews 2 all Prince/O(+> albums from 1978 - 1999 incl. Crystal Ball, The Truth, NewPowerSoul!

November 2, 1999

NEWS about RAVE:

Peeps Republic - The source for Hip-Hop Culture News - offers a RAVE webpage:

U can pre-order RAVE from The Ultimate Band List ( and
also pre-hear five sound samples (RA-format: Man 'O' War/So Far, So Pleased/
Hot Wit U/Baby Knows/The Greatest Romance Ever Sold).

MTV offers: "The Artist talks about time, truth and Y2K..." -
check this out also for a 40 seconds Interview (RealVideo format)
from Kurt Loder's "MTV News 1515":

November 1, 1999: The Artist talks...

October 31, 1999

Bass Player Magazine:

Xclusiv O(+> interview and more...

The Artist in November issue of Bass Player

UPDATE: November 1, 1999
October 29, 1999

The official Arista O(+> page!

Arista Records presents The Artist:

Please also check out the 4thcoming

RAVE - audio + video page

October 31, 1999

Read another review by!!!

MusicINSTINCT offers a first review of "Rave un2 the joy fantastic"
Check this out:

ALBUM REVIEW (November 1, 1999)

C O(+> on top news:

October 23, 1999

Uptown offers a preview of Rave!

By Gavin McLaughlin (


    Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic might just be the best thing The Artist has done in the 90s! The new
    album is certain to please many of his longtime followers, who have longed for more of the 
    challenging, experimental music that characterised much of his mid-80s work. Rave Un2 The 
    Joy Fantastic contains more bold, cutting edge things than any other 90s album he has released! 

    The Linn drum machine is back on a few tracks and The Artist has come up with some imaginative 
    drum programming. 

    Some of the arrangements are highly unorthodox and adventurous. It is pleasing to note that the 
    album is sparsely produced and for the most part lacks the slick, polished sound of Emancipation. 

    It is evident that The Artist has attempted to do something that is both commercial/accessible and
    experimental/avant-garde. Most fans will find the new album highly exciting and there are several 
    songs that will be considered new "classics." It remains to be seen if it will be the worldwide success 
    that Arista and The Artist are hoping for, but there is no question that it contains several potential hits. 

    Here follows some brief comments on the individual tracks. Of course, you can expect a full, de-
    tailed in-depth study of the new album in the next Uptown, which will be out in early December. 

    01. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (4:19):

    Recorded in London on the Lovesexy tour, this classic Prince track has laid in the vault for far too
    long in our opinion! It was kept from release due to a reported similarity to "Kiss." It is true that the
    beat is not too far removed from that of "Kiss," but "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" holds up well on 
    its own. It is a raw, spartan falsetto-sung funk offering with a very primitive drum machine beat and 
    Prince's guitar to the fore. Pleasingly, The Artist has not revamped the track, leaving it as it is. 

    02. Undisputed (4:20):

    Currently playing as one of Uptown's favourites. An unusual, risk-taking funk track with more or
    less  chanted lyrics. Chuck D. of Public Enemy adds an excellent rap towards the end. The song 
    has a Linn drum machine beat, possibly sampled from "Big Tall Wall." 

    03. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (5:29):

    Well-known to everyone, so no need to describe this. An extended version of the current US 
    single containing an extra verse to the single. Mike Scott is featured on guitar. The track works 
    very well in the context of the album. 

    04. Segue (0:04):

    Four seconds of silence in memory of Miles Davis. 

    05. Hot With U (5:09):

    Featuring Eve of Ruff Ryders, this is a funk outing with erotic lyrics. All instruments credited to The
    Artist with the exception of "scratches" by Brother Jules. The production is very Emancipation-like, 
    with Kirk Johnson's trademark drum programming. One of the least interesting tracks on Rave Un2 
    The Joy Fantastic because we've heard this type of song many times before. 

    06. Tangerine (1:33):

    A short "unplugged" track giving feeling to the colour of "tangerine." Features acoustic guitar
    accompaniment (and Rhonda Smith on bass). This is a very Joni Mitchell-like number. A nice in- 
    clusion to provide variation, but not an outstanding track in itself. 

    07. So Far, So Pleased (3:24):

    A nice rocker performed as a duet with Gwen Stefani (of No Doubt). The Artist follows each 
    chorus with a catchy guitar lead line that works as a hook, not unlike he did on "When You Were
    Mine" (which is quite different musically, though). Features Marva King on backing vocals and 
    Rhonda Smith on Bass.

    08. The Sun, The Moon And Stars (5:15):

    A relaxed soul/pop number with an immediate chorus. An airy synth and a deep bass create a 
    nice contrast and an interesting sound. Clare Fischer's strings add colour. The rhythm recalls 
    "The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker." An almost Jamaican-style rap by The Artist interrupts the song
    midway through. Finishes with an instrumental section that would have fitted into Under The 
    Cherry Moon perfectly. 

    09. Everyday Is A Winding Road (6:14):

    An exuberant, disco-fied version featuring Larry Graham on bass and DuJuan and Johnnie
    Blackshire of 3rd Day. 

    10. Segue (0:17):

    Beautiful strings orchestrated by Clare Fischer. 

    11. Man O' War (5:14):

    A falsetto-sung heartbreak ballad, with Kirk Johnson's drum programming and overall
    sound being very close to some Emancipation tracks, most notably "Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/
    Wife." Strings by Clare Fischer. Much like "Hot With U," this song offers little new in comparison to 
    many past efforts. 

    12. Baby Knows (3:18):

    Opening with the harmonica of Sheryl Crow, this is a bluesy rocker with a vague resemblance to
    The Time's "Shake!" but without the organ. The Camille voice returns. Features the great drums 
    of Michael Bland and how you can hear them! 

    13. Eye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore (3:36):

    A beautiful piano ballad. Very sparse: just The Artist's delicate falsetto voice, the piano and some
    acoustic guitar by Ani DiFranco. A truly great song that brings back all those feelings of how wonder-
    ful "Sometimes it snows in April" really was. The melody reminds us a bit of both "A Condition Of The
    Heart" and "I Can't Love U Anymore" (the I'll Do Anything leftover). Another Uptown favourite. 

    14. Silly Game (3:30):

    A sweet "Philly soul"-style ballad, somewhat along the lines of "Betcha By Golly Wow" and "La, 
    La, La, Means I Love U" on Emancipation. Again featuring the strings of Clare Fischer. 

    15. Strange But True (4:12):

    A sparse, edgy funk track with spoken lyrics and a weird drum machine beat (you almost think
    the CD player is skipping a beat here and there). This is another of our favourites. 

    16. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do (3:17):

    The album's most melodic rocker and an obvious single choice. Opens with a drum beat similar 
     to "Forever In My Life." The steady, mid-tempo beat brings to mind The Artist's take on "One Of 
     Us." Has an easy-going and relaxed feel that brings to mind "Take Me With U." 

    17. The 1-800-New Funk ad (0:43) [hidden track]:

    An advertisement for Love 4 One Another and 1-800-New-Funk. 

    18. Pretty Man (4:24) [hidden track]:

    Take all the James Brown covers that The Artist has done live, add the track "Possesesed," add
    a touch of Morris Day and The Time, and the sax of Maceo Parker and you have "Pretty Man," 
    a very funky number indeed. 

    Uptown Magazine 
Additional details (October 26, 1999):

I thought I'd clear up some common questions about the Rave album.... 

    Hidden Tracks - there are two, track numbers 17&18 and are an advert for 1-800-NEWFUNK / and "Pretty Man" featuring Maceo Parker 

    Lyrics - There is a lyric book contained inside the case (no more Internet downloading eh ? :) ) 

    CD - The CD is Enhanced for PC or Macintosh. Sorry, I don't know what with (I only have the standard
    version at present) 

    Formats - The album is relesed on CD, cassette, and vinyl (double). The hidden tracks will be on CD
    ONLY ! 

    Catalogue numbers - are as follows :
    CD - 07822-14624-2
    Cassette - 07822-14624-4
    Vinyl - 07822-14624-1 Hope this is of use !

October 23, 1999

Canadian + Dutch RAVE pages online!

Audio and (soon) video 4 TGRES available!
Provided by - check this out:
and BMG Canada:
October 22, 1999

"Strange but true"

Message from FaceDown7

Posted by (FaceDown7); / October 21, 1999:
i had a private listening party

Strange but true
the most "princey" songs r NOT on the sampler

Strange But true
not all of the dums on rave r weak!!!!!

Strange but true
i will be a O(+> fan till i die

Strange but true
"UNDISPUTED" slams like a Funk Locamotive upside Yo ass

Strange but true
the mumbling miles davis 10 second segue was literally replaced
with 10 seconds of silence

strange but true
moments like "RAVE un2 the joy fantastic" and the reggae rap in
"sun moon and stars" r best enjoyed in the quiet of your own home
and best enjoyed if u love O(+>

Strange but true
most of the songs on the record r break up songs

Strange but true
the ani difranco track will make u cry

strange but true
not only is "wherever u go whatever u do"
the possible new theme 4 "FELICITY" (joke)
but it is one of the catchiest songs with a message
 (is that forever in my life) on the drums

strange but true
there is a song by this title that will blow yo mind
check the synths is that singing or speaking?

strange but true
"Undisputed" is the one song where O(+>
talks shit and actually backs it up with a TOUGH SONG
"hear me- feel Me!"

strange but true
there is an actual commercial on this cd
can u say cheese
MAKE that chedder because thats what O(+> WANTS

strange but true
"EVERYDAY IS A WINDING ROAD" does not belong on this record
(no covers belong on a prince record) even tho the end is a jam

strange but true
AN opinion is just that -
i will jam while the rest or u SLAM

and rave un2 the joy fantastic
nov 9th

October 10, 1999

7 track sampler promo CD

There´s a 7 track sampler promo CD (BMG/ARISTA) with the following songs circulating:

TGRES (Single version)/Man of war/Hot with U/So far so pleased*/TGRES (Album version)/Baby Knows**/
TGRES (Adam and Eve Remix)***

* feat. Gwen Stefani (from No Doubt)
** feat. Sheryl Crow
*** feat. Eve (from Ruff Ryders)
Meanwhile the songs "So far so pleased" and "Baby knows" are
also circulating in the internet!

September 28, 1999

BMG Canada opens webpage 4

RAVE un2 the joy fantastic!!!

Please also check out the latest from:

The Future (Love41another)

September 16, 1999
According to
Love4oneanother´s Le Grind News the following tracklist was submitted by an anonymous reader as report from the private press pre-listening party on
September 16th, 1999 in New York City.

Please also checkout Le Grind´s webpage.

"Just got back from the artist's listening session for Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic...
the event was held at the Equitable in NYC. Arista Records president Clive Davis
introduced each track off the set, here's the rundown:

In the audience was DJ Eric B, VJ's Ananda Lewis & Serena from MTV, Bystorm
record label president Mark Pitts, writer Nelson George, The Roots drummer
?uestlove, vocalists Angie Stone and Deborah Cox and Fugees member Pras.

The CD contains 16 tracks (two which are hidden) running total 70 minutes. these
were rough mixes.The sequence of the CD:


01. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
02. Undisputable (with Chuck D)
03. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (CD version)
05. Hot With U (with Eve)
06. So Far So Pleased (with No Doubt Gwen Stefani)
07. The Sun, The Moon and Stars
09. Man of War
10. Baby Knows (with Sheryl Crow)
11. I Love U But I Dont Trust U Anymore (with Ani DiFranco)
12. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do
13. Tangerine
14. Strange But True
15. Silly Game (tentative title?)
16. Pretty Man (with Maceo Parker)

Another anonymous reports:

Just got back from the party and the report above pretty much said it all, except it's 16 tracks PLUS 2 hidden tracks and a cover of Sheryl Crow's "Everyday Is A Winding Road," which was NOT announced at the party. Great show also included "Sex Machine," (JB)
"Talking Loud And Saying Nuthin'," "Motherless Child," "Do Un2 Others" and more.
The album track at the end is "Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do". That song has a
serious "Every Breath You Take" guitar riff.


This tracklist is not official confirmed! There´s a rumour of two hidden tracks. So, it´s not clear if there are 14 + 2 or 16 +2 songs. Maybe "Beautiful strange"?

September 18, 1999

SonicNet Music News:

"The Artist Raves About His New Album And His Old Self"
"The Artist Previews Album, Plays Set"
"The Artist Owns Rights To Masters In Deal Inked With Arista Records"

Read the articles and more!

September 3, 1999

Another track from RAVE:

"Undisputed" feat. Chuck D.

Taken from
Public Enemy´s Terrordome (on September 2, 1999):

Two weeks ago Kyle Jason and I flew to Minneapolis to Paisley Park to knock out some
recording with The Artist formerly know as Prince. Threw down a verse on his joint, a
groove called "Undisputed", which will be one of the cuts on his new album
on Arista that he and Clive Davis cut a deal for. The Artist controls the scheme of
things and owns the masters. All day we exchanged ideas, philosophies, jammed
with the band, shot ball and vibed.

Here's my verse on "Undisputed":

"Come one come all to the download
 There's no curfew to hurt you
 No substitution, schools now in session
 Put down them Smith & Wesson's
 Real renegades don't invite grenades
 to make the grade
 This is a brain raid 
 Who rises above the lies
 Raised above the daze
 New ways disguised in a craze...uh
 Gotcha back against the status
 They be throwin up at us
 Fallin back against the wall again
 High trees catchin a lotta wind...ohhh
 Last band standin
 Gotta knack for overstandin
 According to plan and look up in the sky
 No cable wire
 God bless the child"

September 3, 1999

First radio single from RAVE?

"The Greatest Romance Ever Sold"

According to
Le Grind News:

FaceDown7 reports on Friday, September 3rd that the official word from Arista
on the "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" single release is the following:

"The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" (NPG Records).Selected lead single.
Promo CD scheduled to ship on 9/21 (Fed Ex) for 9/27 impact at R&B, Rhythm,
Crossover, Top 40 and AC (also satellite-feeding track to radio on 9/22).
Hip Hop remix in discussion (Discussing video shoot.).

August 26, 1999

New "Rave" webpage online

August 25, 1999
UPDATE: September 13, 1999

More album + single informations

Beautiful strange - the video

Official press releases


CD: "Rave un2 the joy fantastic" due out in early November 1999 (11/02/1999)

feat. guest appearances by Chuck D, Sheryl Crow, Ani DiFranco, Gwen Stefani
(of No Doubt) and saxophonist Maceo Parker.
First single: "The greatest romance ever sold" due out in
late September 1999 (09/28/1999)
Label: NPG Records distributed by Arista (US)/BMG (rest of the world)
Company press release (taken from
Yahoo! news):
Wednesday August 25, 11:39 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

The Artist 4merly Known as Prince 2 Release New Album On
Arista Records

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Aug. 25, 1999--The Artist 4merly Known As Prince is
ready 2 deliver the millennial moment we've all been waiting 4 -- now it truly feels
like 1999. Marking a landmark phase in his career and an exhilarating event 4 the 
music world, the revolutionary Artist joins hitmaking Arista Records 2 release his new 
creation Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, it was announced 2day by The Artist and Arista 
Records CEO/Founder Clive Davis. The first single release, ``The Greatest Romance Ever 
Sold,'' will be set 4th by late September and the album will be released in early November.
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic will be licensed from The Artist's NPG Records 2 Arista 4 the
United States and 2 BMG on the Arista label 4 the rest of the world. 

Clive Davis comments, ``I've been asked many times over the years with which artist I 
would most like to have a professional relationship. My answer was always The Artist 
Formerly Known As Prince. So, to me, this is a dream come true. The Artist has it all:
soul, contemporary edge, funk, pop and rock. I've heard his brand new album and it 
passionately showcases all those elements in a way that is as electrifying as anything he 
has ever done before. I am thrilled with the new association and can't wait to share his
exciting music with the world.'' 

L. Londell McMillan, representative 4 The Artist, was a catalyst 4 the deal, ``The Artist
continues to set new precedence of freedom. Although we continue to directly distribute 
music, I am pleased to have had this opportunity to pair this new album with Clive Davis
and Arista Records. This great album deserves the best possible promotion and marketing, 
and we are confident that our relationship with Arista will be a win/win situation.'' 

The Artist comments, ``I believe I had 2 get out of the recording industry 4 a while so 
that I could reclaim my artistry and become empowered by it again. The problems I had with 
so-called majors were regarding ownership and long-term contracts. Both of these problems 
r non-existent in my agreement with Arista. Things seem 2 work best when all parties agree,
 and we do!'' 

4 the past several months, The Artist has kept suspense building on his website,, about the recording process of Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, his 
first studio album affiliated with a major label since 1996. All tracks r per4med by The 
Artist and produced by his 4mer producer, Prince. Superstar guest appearances include Chuck D,
Sheryl Crow, Ani DiFranco, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, and saxophonist Maceo Parker. 

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic is a reflection of The Artist's current joyous and prolific state. 
As well it should be. 1999 has been a year of personal and professional victories 4 The Artist 
from his decision 2 create ``New Masters'' 4 all his 17 Warner Brothers albums 2 his recent 
wins in court over copyright and trademark infringement. His efforts 4 artistic autocracy began 
during his residence with Warner Brothers records. After well-documented dissatisfaction, The 
Artist was emancipated from this contract in 1995. He then formed an agreement with EMI which 
was celebrated by the release of Emancipation. This began an extremely liberating and lucrative 
independent phase with NPG Records. Shattering all expectations, he successfully marketed a 
stream of music via the Internet and direct-2-retail approach which included The Artist's 5-disc 
set Crystal Ball which sold over 250,000 copies and albums 4 legendary bass guitarist Larry 
Graham and Chaka Khan. 
Additionally, The Artist has originated a unique, creative atmosphere at Paisley Park where 
artists like Maceo Parker and George Clinton r afforded the luxury of free studio time, no 
contracts, and the use of The Artist's many musical talents. 

Clive Davis and Arista Records have experienced nearly 25 years of history-making, chart-
topping, musical success with platinum superstars such as Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, 
Aretha Franklin, Kenny G, Sarah McLachlan, Annie Lennox, Eurythmics, Monica, Santana, Deborah 
Cox, Arista Nashville stars Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn plus the ultra-successful joint 
ventures with Bad Boy and LaFace Records. Currently, Whitney Houston's multi-platinum My Love 
is Your Love is the #1 album in Europe. Meanwhile Carlos Santana's now-platinum album, 
Supernatural, moves 2 the Billboard top 10 in just eight weeks with the first single ``Smooth,''
a collaboration with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, fast leaping 4 the top of the charts. 

When asked where he'll be 4 the dawn of the new millennium, The Artist simply states, 
``In the light.'' 


     Press Contacts:
     Susan Blond, Inc.
     Lois Najarian, 212-333-7728, ext. 105
     Arista Records
     Mark Young, 310-789-3933
     Gwendolyn Quinn, 212-830-2316

LAST UPDATE: September 22, 1999

Please also read:

From Dotmusic Daily News (September 22, 1999)

  • The Artist turns into Prince for production

    From Love4oneantoher:

  • The Future News: Announcement Beautiful strange
  • Le Grind News: More album informations
  • New special page: Beautiful Strange Video
    incl. downloadable previews!

    From Billboards Daily Music News (August 25, 1999):

  • The Artist Inks Album Pact With Arista

    From USA Today (August 24, 1999):

  • Article: Rave un2 the joy fantastic

    From MTV Online News (August 25, 1999):

  • Prince Signs With Arista; Lands Chuck D, Ani DiFranco, Sheryl Crow For New LP

    From SonicNet Music News of the world (08/27/1999):

    The Artist Owns Rights To Masters In Deal Inked With Arista Records

    August 22, 1999
    First lyrics from the new album/posted by EricL?

    Album lyrics???

    Taken from / read the full news at News:

    Submitted 1999-08-21 17:15:00 by Anonymous
    Posted by Eric1973 at alt.prince

    (alt.prince = - note from the editor)

    RAVE UN2 THE JOY FANTASTIC sorry, I only got the chance 2 write up 2 "Jigsaw" 
        almost the same lyrics as the “Small Club” CD.
        Except 4:
        Whenever the seed grows 4 this day
        She smiles enough 2 make ya’ll wanna stay
        come on- Rave!
        Pills ain’t funky, then brother wanna leave..
        ohhh.. yes Rave!
        4 New Life, New love... I hear ya..
        Rave, un2 the joy fantastic, Rave
        “R U Ready?”
        A long way from zero, still I look outside.
        I painted my hero, in mountains where I would hide.
        The dusk approaching darling.
        I know U wish it was something.
        R U ready?
        I hope ya r baby.
        R U ready?
        I hope, I wish U would B.
        A reason 2 play now, the water is that game.
        Flowing through cities and everywhere in between.
        The light was the answer u seek.
        Knows ur strong , only those who deny r weak..
        Now let me see baby.....
        R U ready?
        I hope ya r baby
        R U Ready?
        I hope, I wish U would B.
        The point of distance through and through.
        Come back!!
        “When it mattered Most”
        5:22, nothing 2 do (nothing 2 do)
        I hear the sound of U.
        Awaken by beauty in this chilly air,
        I call home.
        Thank U Belle, I’m not alone (Im not alone)
        5:30, I get dressed as the company awaits.
        They stare through the blinds and black ball gates.
        I hear the sound of them...
        oh they’re all gems.
        Why don’t we all stay here alone?
        Thank U Belle, I’m Not alone (I’m not alone)
        ohh shoo No Ohh Ohh
        Always there (always there) 3x
        When it mattered most.
        (I love U)
        One by one they enter and I didn’t even have 2 call.
        Windows are secure, that’s 4 sure, but wait... ohhh ohhh
        Look! Mary and Claire are making funny faces as we
        paint this day on our school’s hall. (school’s hall)
        ohhhh and by six,
        after lemonade drinks
        and laughter,
        we talk about God and the here after...
        “so whatcha b when u come back again” 2x
        I never knew I had these many friends...
        and I’m not alone
        “Heal U”
        I know I can kiss U about as many times that U need.
        I know I can support U with money that many call greed.
        I know the in and outs baby, the first time U came, and
        with no shame I called every woman who ever felt the same.
        But if:
        there was no was time and I took all pain away.
        And 4ever on this bed, 4ever u would have 2 lay.
        What if I Could heal U like only a lover
        What if I could heal U as I become more than a man?
        Tell me now....
        What if I could heal u.
        Heal u.
        I know the reflections that U try not 2 see.
        I know, the regret and the man who want 2 forget is not me.
        (thats 4 sure)
        I know the color of ur hair, use 2 b a shade lighter, and that’s just
        a reminder.
        That from here 2 Japan, there’s no one kinder.
        but if:
        My eyes could give u chances beyond reason.....
        and my hands could make u happy, 4 each and every season!!!!!!
        Chorus (repeat)
        “Blue Angels”
        What is perfection?
        What is so pure and yet so sweet?
        Ur existence...... yes.... but without a being around
        2 clown around on God’s ground.
        Now that’s the woman I want 2 meet.
        A broken heart and now u have 2 much time.
        2 try 2 figure out the Ys of what day u’ll B mine.
        Blue Angels exist in my mind.
        a sea of that overwhelms those who don’t blieve
        (blue angels, blue angels, blue angels)
        Blue Angels come and never leave.
        What is the atmosphere?
        Moon, and stars and all u see that is clear?
        Ur presentence... I know this.... but without striking
        those who don’t understand, being good 2 ya’ll man 
        and truly , I say truly loving 1 another,
        as only God can.
        Blue Angels sing!
        (yes they do)
        Blue Angels sing
        segues in2
        Praise in what U see.
        Praise in those who fly.
        Never will ya cry, 4 me...
        God, without harm U brought use 2 heal.
        Ur skin is transphysical yet ur soul I can feel.
        In the garden where love was made (the very first time)
        The very sound of ur name is heaven...
        oh yes heaven
        “everyday is a winding road”
        same lyrics as released version
        Hear the placement of desire.
        I wanna stroke ur pretty fire.
        Do what is done 2 be gone is not.
        I love it when ur nasty, I love it when ur hot.
        ohhh desire
        ohhh desire
        Touch the statement of attention.
        2 Morrow speak of reflection.
        Run up 2 the spot, hold the phone.
        I love it when ur nasty, I love us being alone.
        ohhh desire
        (2 every degree)
        ohhh desire
        (with U and me)
        U know I’m willing 2 b residential.
        B the sore before U ignore
        Me coming 2 ur door..........
        Everyone got a greater gift (in E Ya’ll)
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        Up 2 heaven in a skylift 
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        Got ur girl up on a hill.
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        If u don’t love me yo mama will
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        Everyone got money 2 fly... (thats right)
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        But ain’t no good 2 me, I’m tell U why...
        mmm, mmm, mmm..
        I’m tell U why
        (girl hear me)
        I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell U why
        This is why.....
        babies still dreaming like a new born.
        sworn 2 be loved , swore 2 behave.
        only 2 sign  at 17 2 bcome a slave
        and they ask about heroes and money and dice.
        I sigh without content, I try 2 b nice.
        Days of a motherless child without tears.
        Getting pushed overboard 4 trying 2 do
        what others claim 2 do but they fear.
        Damed if I do another one 2 blame, 
        so keep ur glory if ur ain’t gonna get
        the story (right)
        So I sing.......
        Everyone got a greater gift
        Up 2 heaven in a skylift 
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        Got ur girl up on a hill.
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        If u don’t love me yo mama will
        mmm, mmm, mmm
        Hear the placement of desire 4X
        Baby I’ll b residential
        (yes I will)
        U know I’m willing 2 b residential.
        B the sore before U ignore
        Me coming 2 ur door..........
        “I need U”
        I need U, well at least I was in that mode.
        Papers get written, I do what I’m told.
        I need U, 2 make these dreams become reality.
        But Germany O’ 93, did U need me?
        I use 2 dance and croon.
        I was ur purple cartoon.
        With bios, cuz u owned my name.
        Years go by and it’s just not the same.
        Never was the air this sweet.
        Took 4 granted that I could walk with my own feet.
        I wave goodbye and open that door.
        I’m glad I don’t need U anymore.
        I need U, but the show was already in town.
        Meeting the bosses with a perement frown.
        I need U, as “need” as a overrated expression.
        I see ya’ll smiling, now I learn my lesson.
        I use 2 give my all.
        With my back against the wall.
        U could take what I will always be!!!
        U can never have me.
        I need U, well I guess...
        point a
        Point b
        there was u
        there was me
        another girl
        another boy
        another game
        another toy
        so real yet sad
        where is the end
        I’ll never understand
        youth got locked wthout keys
        interlocking silly games
        all great men will one day b free
        and see the sun again....
        Love is not tame.
        Hold off on ur silly game
        Jigsaw, please
        1st down
        gone again
        a lover
        a friend
        quiet and lovely
        under the cover
        with money 2 spend
        all 7
        2 march
        we want heaven
        as children watch
        point a
        point b
        no chains
        all free
        a boy
        a girl
        a family
        a world
        a beauty
        a sign
        no war
        2 take up ur time
        point a, point b....
        no silly games  2 play
        no silly games 2 play
        no silly games 2 play

    Our comment:

    Extraordinary - the way u make me feel
    I´m so very glad (if this would B) real
    and not a dream even though it seems
    I am dreaming... ;-)

    August 21, 1999
    Let's talk about The Artist's new upcoming album!

    OPEN: Yahoo! Club 4 the new album

    Please take a visit:

    August 18, 1999

    "The rave songs"

    Rave un2 the joy fantastic

    Posted by " (EricL1973)" on August 18, 1999.

    Taken from (newsgroup):

    Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (6:22) - the most explosive opening 2 a CD since
    "Let's Go Crazy" or "Thunder". Takes the elements of the earlier version and
    combines it with a new twist of raw power.
    R U Ready? (5:12) - lk kicks on this 1. He sings the chorus. ("R U ready? I
    hope ya r baby!!")  An invitation 2 this old/new sound. co produced by lk
    When It Mattered Most (3:44) - alone at the piano.More memories of Mary,
    claire, denise and Belle. "Circle of amour 2"?? Not really, but the chilly
    September is still here in this track.
    Heal U (6:02) - this track asks the question : What if a human had the ability
    that only the Lord does? ("What if I could Heal U like only a lover can? What
    if I could Heal U as I become more than a man?") produced by jj,tl
    Blue Angels (4:12) - Think about the beginning of "Under the cherry Moon" and
    the mood that "An Honest Man" created. Mid Tempo groove with a drum sound that
    makes u think this record is called "Sign O The Times"
    Church (3:09) - gospel, hammond organ and vox. More a prayer than a song.
    Everyday Is A Winding Road (5:05) - the song that was inspired by a recent jam.
    guests come and go and once in a while drop by.
    Residential (8:36) - the structure of "Joint 2 Joint" was only the beginning.
    This jam has 6 elements with 4 chords. ("hear the placement of desire")
    I Need U (4:45) - straight forward funny R & B number. I believe it was
    inspired by a certain old label. ("Never was the air this sweet. Took 4 granted
    that I could walk with my own feet. I wave goodbye and open that door. I'm glad
    I dont Need u anymore.")
    Jigsaw (4:07) - this is what will bring this release in2 the fold. lh.. and c..
    ohh how funky and how inspiring. ("Youth got locked without keys. Interlocking
    silly games"). I havent heard the remixes yet but I can only imagine.
    The Easiest Way 2 4get (3:11) - Girl meets boy, boy regrets and pretends it
    never happened. C is on this one. This could of been the track between
    "Shockadelica" and "Rockhard in a funky place". Very funky. Reminds me of the
    happiness I felt when I heard "Good Love" in "Bright lights, Big City". I was
    taken off guard and couldn't stop singing.
    Blass4me (6:56) - soulful ballad. Never mentions the title, just goes through
    the ten commandments in a interesting and unique way. ("Shall not kill, but
    those who blieve they will b 4given will.") production done by js.
    The Beginning (12:43) - the most amazing song, so complex with a 6 minute
    guitar solo that begings the song!! Then the vocals enter as almost a duet with
    O(+> and c, midtempo guitar based track.
    I Can Love Again (6:21) - this final track starts with only vocals and piano
    but it contains guitar by lk and backing vox by lh. a chorus that reminds of
    the "7" chorus. ("once, here, I was just the one they ran to, they ran and one
    day came and without resisting I ran to them. I can love again!")
    source: promo CD given to one of the many who listened to decide if they would distribute

    Our comment:

    Truth or dare, Eric?!
    August 12, 1999

    New - faked - tracklist??

    Rave un2 the joy fantastic

    Posted by " (EricL1973)" on August 10, 1999.

    Taken from (newsgroup):

    Artist: O(+>
    Title: "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic"
    Street Date: September 28, 1999
    Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (6:22)
    R U Ready? (5:12)
    When it mattered most (3:44)
    Heal U (6:02)
    Blue Angels (4:12)
    Church (3:09)
    Everyday is a winding road (5:05)
    Residential (8:36)
    I need you (4:45)
    Jigsaw (4:07)
    The Easiest Way 2 4get (3:11)
    Blass4me (6:56)
    The Beginning (12:43)
    I can love again (6:21)
    Produced arranged composed and performed by O(+>
    with co production on several trax by LK, sc, Lh, JJ, tl, js and c.
    first radio single (top 40 format): Jigsaw (duet w lh) - sept 9. 1999
    first radio single (black.urban format) Blue Angels/Heal U- sept 13. 1999
    commerically available single : jigsaw (duet w Lh)- sept 21, 1999
    maxi single format only
    Jigsaw (radio mix) / Jigsaw (wises mix) / Interlocking groove (inst) / Baby
    gots ur love / Jigsaw (houses in that)/ Jigsaw (1969 mix)/ Jigsaw
    (paisleytaste)/ Blue Angels (I whatcha mix)
          RAVE UN2 THE JOY FANTASTIC combines the feeling of the PURPLE RAIN era
    and the imagination of the LOVESEXY period. It is a deep structure of funk,
    rock, soul and jazz that gives u the chance 2 explore. There r many special
    guests and producers.... however b cuz of CONtracts there names must remain a
    secret. But with one listen u can not help but picture who they r. 
            The first single JIGSAW is a prime example of two influential
    performers and their mixture of funk and spirtuality. This song will not only
    invade the airways but a special limited edition maxi single with 7 remixes
    will be available at all record stores. JIGSAW is the first taste of what RAVE
    is about. "life is ur own journey/love that has been destined 2 stay/truth
    within the pieces and u will see/ another jigsaw about children that play" 
              RAVE un2 the joy fantastic and u will see.

    Our comment:

    The author (EricL1973) was also announcing (on May 13, 1999)
    the release dates and tracklist of the album "Rave un2 the joy fantasic" (NPG/sony
    on June 22, 1999) and the radio single "R U Ready?" (on May 27, 1999) (see also our
    news from May 12, 1999)

    Well, we think this is a - good fan created - tracklist (sounds nice, Eric! ;-P) but is not true! BTW it would B nice O(+> teaming up with Lauryn Hill!

    July 19, 1999:
    According to
    The latest news from Le Grind:

    "The Artist 2 release his new album entitled Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic thru a
    major label in September

    In a recent online chat with ZDNet readers, The Artist confirmed that he would release his
       4thcoming studio album entitled Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic thru a major label (still unidentified
       at present).
    The album is reportedly produced, not by The Artist himself, but by an as yet unidentified producer with whom The Artist said he worked "a great deal" back in the 1980s.
    The "September" release date was mentioned by The Artist himself in an in4mal chat after a Paisley Park per4mance on July 2nd.
    The Artist also said that the 1st single off the new album would b picked by the record company and that there would definitely b a promotional video.
    Last but not least, The Artist also said that he would release a limited edition of 100,000 copies of an "alternate" Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic with different mixes and possibly alternate tracks thru independent channels such as the 1-800-NEW-FUNK web site.
    That's all the in4mation we have about this new release as of July 19th."

    UPDATE: August 16, 1999 (taken from Le Grind News)
    The Artist 2 release his new album entitled Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic thru a major label in
         In a recent online chat with ZDNet readers, The Artist confirmed that he would release his
         4thcoming studio album entitled Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic thru a major label (still unidentified
         at present). The album is reportedly produced, not by The Artist himself, but by an as yet
         unidentified producer with whom The Artist said he worked "a great deal" back in the 1980s.
         Although final details r still going thru a confirmation process, it now looks very likely that, as
         The Artist hinted during his ZDNet chat, a limited edition of 100,000 copies of an "alternate"
         Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic with different mixes and possibly longer versions of the regular
         album tracks will b released thru independent channels such as the 1-800-NEW-FUNK web site
         at the same time as the main release.
         Raphy also reports on August 16th that he recently received an e-mail from Michael B. Nelson of
         the Hornheadz/NPG Hornz, in which the trombone player confirmed that the NPG Hornz will
         appear on Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic and that some possible live dates with The Artist r being
         The 4thcoming album release also is mentioned in an L.A. Times article (scroll down 2 'Artist
         Rights' headline) dated August 8th, 1999, with new comments by The Artist's attorney, Londell
         The "September" release date was mentioned by The Artist himself in an in4mal chat after a
         Paisley Park per4mance on July 2nd, although, as always, this date is subject 2 change.
         The Artist also said that the 1st single off the new album would b picked by the record company
         and that there would definitely b a promotional video.
         That's all the in4mation we have about this new release as of August 16th.

    May 12, 1999

    Album + single releases?

    Rave un2 the joy fantastic

    Rumoured tracklist - truth or fake? Release infos posted in AMP (


    This information is NOT CONFIRMED. MayB it´s just a fanmade fake... or mayB?!
    We have many rumoured tracklists the past years... like THE UNTITLED 1996-ALBUM
    or THE CRYSTAL BALL (´97 Fake). Some songs like "Rave un2 the joy fantastic" or
    "Beautiful strange" R Prince/O(+> compositions; a track called "Church" / "Rave Church
    Style" was rumoured 2 B an outtake from the Diamond and Pearls sessions (in 1991),
    there´s also a tune named "R U ready" (written by Rosie Gaines, Francis Jules and
    Dana Bailey - released as "Are you ready?" by Rosie Gaines on her album "Closer than
    close" (1995) - also as CDMax with 4 remixes (titled "Chickaboom", "Radio edit",
    "Dredlixious" and "Move your body")? he last weeks SONY was rumoured 2 B a
    possible major label 4 a worldwide release...

    So, stay tuned 4 more informations.... here´s the mailing:

    Rave un2 the joy fantasic
    June 22

    Single released 2 radio: "R U Ready?"
    May 27

    Promo CD: R U Ready?/ Full O' Joy/ R U Ready (the finder the keeper mix)/
    R U Ready? (spirits mix)/ R U Ready? (remix)/ R U Ready? (babyboomers mix)

    The album:

    Rave un2 the joy fantasic

    R U Ready?
    The Left, The Right, The in between
    Eye'm use 2 U
    Along freedom
    Beautiful Strange
    Early this morning
    We Have
    Idols and Autographs
    Full O' Joy
    The Lie
    Love 4 thee

    Please also check out:


    April 13/16, 1999:

    USA Today interview from April 13, 1999 /
    new O(+> album "Rave un2 the joy fantastic"
    + 7 CD-set of Samples announced!

    "But he's hoping to put out his next album — Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
    on a major label as long as he retains ownership of the master tapes."


    "Rave un2 the joy fanstastic" is a well known outtake from the BATMAN
    sessions and was live performed by Prince at Paard van Troje (nearby
    Rotterdam) aftershow concert on 18th August 1988.
    The new album will likely be a solo project and a single CD.
    So far there´s no tracklist known.

    "This fall, he's releasing a seven-CD collection of samples of hisvintage
    songs that DJs and recording artists can use without paying
    clearance fees."

    Further informations/articles:
    USA Today interview
    Le Grind News
    The Future