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About the NPG Music Club (2001-2006)
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 About the official Prince club called NPG Music Club:

*** PLEASE READ: July 3, 2006: The NPG MUSIC CLUB offline/closed! ***

! Prince's official new web is www.3121.com !

The NPG Music Club (2001-2006)

FAQ: What is "The NPG Music Club" (aka "NPGMC")?

The NPGMC is the (only) official website of Prince & The New Power Generation.
U can access + contact the club this way:

  • Internet: http://www.npgmusicclub.com/
  • E-Mail: npgmc@npgonlineltd.com or 4 technical question help@npgmusicclub.com
    AND npgmc-support-site@npgmusicclub.com.

    FAQ: DAWNATION + THE NPG Music Club?

    DAWNATION is an independent online guide 4 Prince fans/friends - we R NOT affiliated
    with nor endorsed by Prince, Paisley Park Enterprises Inc., NPG Records Inc. or any other
    official party. There4 U can't access, communicate or order stuff from us.
    Please contact the club!

    FAQ: Where can I find a tracklist of the NPG Ahdio Shows from 2001?

    - please also check the year 2001.

    What we do is offer a collection / history of The NPG Music Club - including a compilation
    of the past club editions - the so called NPGOGRAPHY:

    = NPGOGRAPHY: 6th YEAR - 2006

    = NPGOGRAPHY: 5th YEAR - 2005 (Relaunch March 26, 2005)

    = NPGOGRAPHY: 4th YEAR - 2004 (Relaunch March 29, 2004)

    = NPGOGRAPHY: 3rd YEAR - 2003 (Relaunch April 18/19, 2003)

    = NPGOGRAPHY: 2nd YEAR - 2002  (Relaunch February 2002)

    = NPGOGRAPHY: 1st YEAR - 2001 (the initiation 02/18/2001)

    All songs in detail + a collection of unreleased/rare tunes in circulation is located
    in our section [NU TUNES]. Please check out our sections
    [COMING UP] 4 detailed projects!


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