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2006 / 2007
Updates - July 3, 2006  *** MESSAGE FROM THE NPGMC ***

This message was posted in the U TELL US section of the NPGMC - www.npgmusicclub.com:

"Greetings Family,

The NPG Music Club has been in xistence 4 more than 5 years. In that time we've learned a great deal from each other and about this brave new online world we have all chosen 2 b part of. The members we have been 4tunate enough 2 have join r family have truly made this the best music club any artist could ever dream of. And all the things we have been a part of 2gether -- the concerts, the celebrations, the soundchecks, the discussions and the un4gettable music -- have shown us what a New Power Generation can truly b. We thank u from r hearts 4 sharing urselves and ur love of the music with all of us. It has been a blessing.

Once the NPG Music Club won the 2006 Webby Award, discussions within the NPG began 2 center on what was next. Whatís the next step in this ever-changing xperiment? The achievements of the past cannot be questioned and we are truly grateful 4 everything that has been accomplished. But in its current 4m there is a feeling that the NPGMC gone as far as it can go. In a world without limitations and infinite possibilities, has the time come 2 once again make a leap of faith and begin anew? These r ?s we in the NPG need 2 answer. In doing so, we have decided 2 put the club on hiatus until further notice.

The NPG Music Club was a first step; the lessons learned will last 4ever. Now comes a time of great reflection and restructuring. The future holds nothing but endless opportunity and we plan on seizing it wholeheartedly. Donít u want 2 come?

NPG Music Club 4ever

NOTE: We will be sending emales when there is an update."


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