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Jake Brown - "Prince - In the Studio Vol. 1 (1975-1995)"
Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: Amber Communications Group, Inc. (
June 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979097665
ISBN-13: 978-0979097669

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"Prince Chronicles"
by Jason Draper (Author)
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Jawbone Press (
March 2009)
Language: English

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"Prince: Life & Times"
by Jason Draper (Author) Hardcover

Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Pub. Date: September 2008
ISBN-10: 1906002185
ISBN-13: 9781906002183
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"Prince: A thief in the temple" by Brian Morton
Paperback: 03/29/2007 - ISBN: 9781841958965
Hardcover edition: September 2007
Hardcover: 224 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1841959160


"Besessen: Das turbulente Leben von Prince"
by Alex Hahn
Release date: December 2005
Language: German

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This is the german edition of "Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince"
(released in 2003!)



A life in music

"Prince In Hawaii - An Intimate Portrait of an Artist"
Photography by: Afshin Shahidi
Format: Hardcover, 142 pages
Publisher: NPG Music Club (June 2004)
Retail Price: $49.99
ISBN: 0-967-85014-2

Prince & The New Power Generation came 2 the Hawaiian Islands 2 per4m 2 incredible
shows in December 2003. This stunning book of photos offers a rare glimpse in2 the
intimate world of an artist both onstage and off. Candid behind the scenes photos,
xciting live shots, and casual portraits capture Prince in a way that few have ever
seen. Come along and share the xperience."

"About The Photographer:
Afshin Shahidi, Photographer: In the short time that I have had the opportunity to
photograph Prince, the comment I've heard the most from fans worldwide is that I have
the best job ever. Aside from actually being in the band, they're right. Prince, as an
artist, expects and is willing to give creative freedom. This took a little getting
used to since the greater part of the industry runs on formulas and "proven methods".
Preparing for one of my first shoots with Prince's 'and the NPG, I asked him what he
wanted to do? His response was unexpected and initially put me in panic. He said,
"We want your creativity to spark our imagination." What was I going to do to that
would measure up to the years of great photos that already existed of him. The point
is, like true fans know, Prince challenges those around him to grow and create and
look at things from unique points of view. The magic and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands
compliment Prince, his music and his being. In this collection of photos, you'll see
Prince at his most relaxed and I believe truest nature. Enjoy."

Further information:

  • Order: Booklineshawaii.com


    A life in music

    "Prince: A Life in Music"
    by Matthew Carcieri
    Paperback: 120 pages
    Dimensions (in inches): 0.28 x 9.00 x 6.00
    Publisher: iUniverse (May 2004)
    ISBN: 0-595-32012-0

    "Prince: A Life in Music celebrates his achievements with a retrospective look at 50 of his
    songs. It is a "playlist history," and each song documents a chapter in his eventful career.
    Read along--and listen when you're able--to the life and work of an amazing phenomenon in
    the history of pop."

    Further information:

  • iUniverse.com / Bookstore - all book details
  • PREVIEW some book pages online:
    [Title 1] [Title 2] [Thanks] [Foreword] [Foreword 2] [Tracklisting] [Playlist 2] [Playlist 3] [Playlist 4] [Prologue]
    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]
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    Nu Prince book on the way.... UPTOWN presents THE VAULT!

    The Vault
    UPTOWN presents THE VAULT! – The Definitive Guide to the Musical World of Prince:

    "THE VAULT combines the approaches of UPTOWN's two acclaimed books, TURN IT UP 2.0
    and DAYS OF WILD, to create a phenomenally detailed document of Prince's work.
    Exploring every facet of Prince's life and career in depth and detail, THE VAULT is
    the most fully comprehensive and authoritative guide to Prince's music ever assembled.

    THE VAULT is A5-sized (148 x 210 mms), 700 pages (!), with a full-colour cover. It
    weighs nearly 900 grams. The book is split into seven main chapters, each devoted to
    a different aspect of Prince's musical world."

    THE VAULT was released in July 2004!

    Further information:

  • Uptown (official web - www.uptown.se)
  • More about the book THE VAULT
  • How to order THE VAULT

    "Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince"
    by Alex Hahn
    Release date: April 2003
    ISBN: 0-8230-7748-9

    For more information and how to order please check out:

  • wwww.princepossessed.com
  • About Alex Hahn
  • Order the book - Amazon.com

    "TURN IT UP 2.0: The Complete Guide to Prince Recordings and Performances"
    by Uptown

    ISBN: -

    TURN IT UP 2.0 is a fully updated and thoroughly revised version of TURN IT UP (from 1997)

    For more information and how to order please check out:

    Uptown Magazine or the direct link to TURN IT UP 2.0 and

    Bart Van Hemelen's Come To The Park.

    "Days of Wild - A Documentary of Prince/The Artist"
    by Uptown/Per Nilson,
    incl. a special CD-ROM!!!
    ISBN: -

    For more information and how to order please check out:

    Uptown Magazine or the direct link to Days of Wild

    You find the latest corrections + updates for DAYS OF WILD on UPTOWN's
    special page 4 Comments and corrections!


    "Days of Wild" is an updated version of:

    "Prince: A Documentary"

    written by Per Nilsen, was first published by Omnibus Press in 1990. 
    A second edition of the book, which is sometimes referred to as 
    "the Prince Bible," was released in 1993. The book is a detailed 
    chronology of the artist formerly known as Prince, chronicling all the
    milestones, major and minor events in his life and career,
    including record releases, concerts, films, TV appearances,
    work with other artists.
    Finally, after six years, the book returns as DAYS OF WILD - 
    A Documentary of Prince/The Artist, published by UPTOWN!"

    "Prince - A dokomentary" (2nd Edition)
    by Per Nilson, 1993
    ISBN 0-7119-3179-8

    Other books by UPTOWN/Per Nilson:

    "Turn it up - The complete guide to Prince/O(+> recordings"
    by Uptown, 1997
    ISBN 91-630-6209-7

    "DanceMusicSexRomance - Prince: The first decade"
    by Per Nilson, 1999
    ISBN 0-946719-23-3

    "Slave to the rhythm"
    by Liz Jones, 1997
    ISBN 0-7515-2393-3

    "O(+> - CONTROVERSY"
    by Keith Balaam, 1995
    ISBN 1-899784-25-X

    "Prince - Imp of the perverse"
    by Barney Hoskyns, 1988
    ISBN 0-86369-254-0

    "Prince - A pop life"
    by Dave Hill, 1989
    ISBN 3-426-04036-0

    by Juergen Seibold, 1991
    ISBN 3-8118-3078-3

    "Prince - The Sacrifice of Victor"
    by Terry Gydesen, 1994
    ISBN 3-8118-3078-3

    "Prince" [CD BOOKS SERIES]
    by Jon Ewing, 1994
    ISBN 3-8118-3986-1

    From 1-800-NEW FUNK*

    For more information and how to order please check out:


    *Now: The NPG Music Club - Retail

    From left 2 right:

    Emancipation - Words and Pictures (1996)
    Prince - The sacrifice of Victor (1994)
    Around the world in a day (NPG Dance Company/Tourbook)
    Neo Manifesto (1994)

    TOURBOOKS/-PROGRAMMS (1984-2004):

    1984-85 Purple Rain Tour (Size w/h: 280 x 305 mm, 28 pages)

    1985 Parade Tour (Size: 305 x 305 mm, 28 pages)

    1987 Sign O' The Times Tour (Size: 305 x 305 mm, 28 pages)

    1988-89 Lovesexy Tour (Size: 275 x 305 mm, 28 pages)

    1990 Nude Tour (Size: 275 x 355 mm, 28 pages)

    1992 Diamonds And Pearls Tour (Size: 230 x 280 mm, 32 pages)

    1993 Act I Tour (Size: 230 x 280 mm, 32 pages)

    1993 Act II Tour (Size: 255 x 255 mm, 32 pages)

    1995 The Ultimate Experience Tour (Size: 240 x 360 mm, 28 pages)

    1997-98 The Jam Of The Year Tour (Size: 270 x 355 mm, 20 pages)

    2002 One Nite Alone Tour (Size: 215 x 215 mm, 36 pages)

    2003 World Tour 2003/2004 (Size: 215 x 215 mm, 34 pages)

    2004 Musicology Live 2004ever (Size: 215 x 280 mm, 56 pages)


    2001, The Rainbow Children Lyric Book (Size: 193 x 193 mm, 30 pages)

    NOTE: More or less identical to the CD booklet; handed out at TRC listening party,
    June 2001 at Paisley Park.


    Buy/order sheet music: Sheetmusicplus.com



    Archive of text documenting and describing the world of Prince and 0{+>
    (Magazine reviews, reprinted interviews, rarities)


  • Simon Quinn´s Homepage:

    Articles, concert reviews, newspaper interviews, recent
    televised interviews, transcripts and pictures)



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  • BOL.com

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  • Pioneer Plant

  • MPLS StarTribune

  • Billboard Online

  • Mr. Showbiz

    Newspaper search: AJR News Link



    Official magazines:

    NPG 10,000 Magazine (Issue 1, 1993)

    "The official magazine from Paisley Park and Beyond" - the NPG Magazine was only
    available from former NPG Store or by mail order in 1994/95 (four issues!):

    NPG Magazine, Premiere Issue 1 (1994) NPG Magazine, Issue 2 (Spring 1995) NPG Magazine, Issue 3 (Summer 1995) NPG Magazine, Issue 4 (Fall 1995)

    UNofficial magazines and fanzines:

    Some mags + fanzines

  • Uptown Magazine ("the No. 1 Prince mag" from Sweden!)
  • New Power Soul (German Fanzine)
  • '7' Magazine (Australian Fanzine)
  • Interactive Experience (UK Fanzine)
  • The O(+> Network (German Fanzine)
  • New Power Nation (UK Fanzine)
  • The Dream Nation (UK Fanzine)
  • Crystal Ball Magazine
  • Controversy (UK, by Eileen Murton, from 1986-1993)
  • The Prince-O(+> Family Newsletter (USA, by Diana E. Dawkins,
    bi-weekly newsletter, closed 1999)