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March 5, 2004

Rosie Gaines
"You gave me freedom"

Rosie Gaines "You gave me freedom",
Dredlix/Dome Records © 2004
Album cover, release date: 02/16/2004

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    October 7, 2002

    Another Prince classic covered

    "Irresistible chick" aka
    "Irresistible bitch"

    Eve "Eve-olution",
    Interscope Records, © 2002
    Album cover, release date: 08/27/2002

    Another Prince cover version, "Irresistible bitch", this time titled "Irresistible chick" (a classic
    B-side from 1983!), was released on Eve's new album "Eve-olution" (track 2).

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    July 3, 2002

    Another Prince classic covered

    The Space Cowboy:
    "I Would Die 4 U"

    The Space Cowboy "(I Would) Die 4 U",
    Sothern Fried Records, © 2002
    single cover, release date: 06/17/2002


    1. I Would die 4 U (Original Mix)
    2. I Would die 4 U (Club Edit)
    3. I Would die 4 U (Club Mix)
    4. Always & Forever

    Another Prince cover version, "I Would Die 4 U" (from "Purple Rain", 1984) is still one
    of the main club hits of the summer (in the UK, released on June 17-24, 2002).
    Read more about this release here.

    July 3, 2002

    Prince cover released as single + remix!

    Alicia Keys:
    "How come U don't call me"

    Alicia Keys "How come U don't call me",
    J-Records, © 2002
    single cover, release date: July 8, 2002
    Artist web:


    1. "How come U don't call me (Radio Edit)"
    2. "How come U don't call me (Neptunes Remix)"
    3. "How come U don't call me (Uk Live Version)"
    4. "Butterflyz (Roger's Release Mix)"
    5. "How come U don't call me [Video]

    January 19, 2002

    New tribute album 2 Prince!

    Various Artist:
    "If I was Prince"

    "If I was Prince", Beggars Banquet/Rex Records,
    Cat.-No. REKDCD 142, 2001
    Album cover, release date: 10/23/2001, 01/22/2002


    01. "Sexy Dancer" - 7 Hurtz With Peaches + Bitch Lap Lap
    02. "Annie Christian" - Fort Lauderdale
    03. "If I was your girlfriend" - Op:1 Bastards
    04. "Dance on" - Capitol K
    05. "Under the Cherry Moon" - Simian
    06. "The ballad of Dorothy Parker" - Broadway Project feat. Jeb Loy Nichols
    07. "Controversy" - Hefner
    08. "Alphabet street" - Blue States
    09. "The most beautiful girl in the world" - Bronze Age Fox
    10. "The beautiful ones" - Misty Dixon

    Listen 2 samples:

    You can order this album here:

    "Man, myth, or symbol? It's hard to deny the super-colossal powers of Prince,
    as 10 underground electronic artists testify on this tribute album. Downbeat,
    funky, electronic mishmash is the norm, an approach with mixed results (no
    one should have touched "Alphabet Street" or bothered with "The Most Beautiful
    Girl in the World"). Highlights? Toronto-via-Berlin electro-fucker Peaches
    (and friends) get down nicely on "Sexy Dancer," while OP:1 Bastards draw a cool
    groove from "If I Was Your Girlfriend," and newcomers Misty Dixon (fronted by
    Prince's antithesis, a six-foot white woman) take on "The Beautiful Ones" with
    trippy delicacy."

    7/10 (by Lorraine Carpenter)

    NOTE: The album cover is based on the "Lovesexy" artwork!

    November 2, 2001

    Rosie Gaines
    "No Sweeter Love"

    New 'old' Rosie Gaines album!

    "No Sweeter Love", 2001
    Album cover, release date: Sept./Oct. 2001


    "This Never Previously Released But Legendary Album Includes Tracks Written + Produced
    By The Late Patrick Moten. In His Classic Soul Style, As Brought To Artists Like Anita
    Baker, Bobby Womack & Johnnie Talyor, This 1987 Recording Holds Breathtaking Moments
    Such As 'Easy Come Easy Go', The Garry Glenn Composed 'No Sweeter Love' & An Extended
    Version of 'Crazy'."

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    October 14, 2001

    Tribute 2 Prince - Various Artists
    "Sexykinkyjazzysmooth" (CD)

    Album cover, release date: 09/06/2001!

    Track listing:

    01. "Delirious" - Jim McMillen
    02. "Purple Rain" - Solomon Burke Jr.
    03. "Adore" - Gringo Lloyd
    04. "Girls & Boys" - Jim McMillen
    05. "7" - Solomon Burke Jr.
    06. "When Doves Cry" - Gringo Lloyd
    07. "Rock Hard In A Funky Place" - Gringo Lloyd
    08. "Letitgo" - Solomon Burke Jr.
    09. "Pop Life" - Gringo Lloyd
    10. "Hot Thing" - Jim McMillen
    11. "Little Red Corvette" - Gringo Lloyd
    12. "Anotherloverholenyohead" - Solomon Burke Jr.

    You can listen to sound samples and order this album here:


    Try a search "by album title" - sometimes the album is wrongly titled "Sexykinkjazzysmooth"!

    September 21, 2001

    Dr. Fink:

    "Ultrasound" (CD, 2001)

    Ex-Keyboard player of The Revolution and longtime Prince-musician Dr. Fink is back
    with a new released called "Ultrasound" described as 'throbbing techno funk
    and spatially expanding electronica'

    Please check out the official web 4 samples + further infos:

    Official Web -

    September 15, 2001

    Alicia Keys covers Prince's
    "How come U don't call me"

    On Alicia Keys album "Songs in A minor" is a cover of Prince's "How come U don't call me"
    [anymore], this track was the B-Side of "1999" from 1982.

    Please check out:

    September 15, 2001

    Sheila E. "Heaven"

    Sheile E. released a new CD "Heaven" on the Jazz Label Concord Records!
    "On her second Concord Records release, Heaven, Sheila E. and The E-Train Band blend
    her diverse musical interests into a decidedly smooth jazz CD distinguished by the
    funky retro overtones Sheila has loved since childhood."


    1. Anticipation / 2. Joy / 3. Heaven / 4. Waiting For You / 5. Slight Accent /
    6. I Can Go On / 7. Bahia / 8. Who Is Taking Care Of You / 9. Trust Me / 10. Closer
    11. River God / 12. Revelation

    There's also a single "Heaven":

    Get mo' infos:

    The Official Web -

    Concord Records -

    August 18, 2001

    The Fonky Baldheads
    selftitled album


    Introdukshun / Soundasame / Under the same clouds / Fonky like a (Remix) / Passin' your name /
    Sex in my bones / Fonky lyka (Live) / Rowdy Mac. [Hidden track!]

    feat. KAJ, KIP, DVD + Mike Scott!

    Get mo' infos of the band + order the cd from:

    The Fonky Baldheads

    August 9, 2001

    The Time's "Jungle love" on
    the soundtrack
    "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back"

    This soundtrack contains a live version of "Jungle love" (from the album "Ice Cream Castles",
    1984) by - Morris Day and The Time (Track 25):

    [Buy Soundtrack / listen 2 sample from]

    Calhoun offers a discography by The Time!

    July 14, 2001

    A fan's suggestion

    Provided by/thanx 2 Pietro Alfe

    Dean Brown "Here" (CD)
    Artist webpage:
    Release date: July 31, 2001
    Label: Esc Records

    First of all I have to recommend "Dean Brown - Here". This album contains some
    funky stuff and some song were performed with the cooperation of Michael Bland
    and Ricky Peterson.

    Ricky Peterson "Souvenir" (CD)
    Artist webpage:
    Release date: June 15, 1999
    Label: Bmg/Windham Hill

    Also the CD of Ricky Peterson "Souvenir" has to be mentioned. Besides that
    he was working with Prince for many years as a studio musician, one can find
    songs performed by Michael Bland, Sonny Thomson, Tommy Barabarella, etc.

    Other fine works:

    January 27, 2001

    DJ Brother Jules
    "The Remix Experience"

    This more or less inofficial CD contains "The Remix Experience" - the remix is about 31 min. -
    includes samples from the following* Prince songs and three so far unreleased Prince songs as bonus!


    405 West Lake St
    Minneapolis(uptown) MN
    Infos: Clubs Yahoo and


    a) Brother Jules intro
    b) Pop life
    c) She's always in my hair
    d) Big fun
    e) Face down
    f) Violet organ grinder/Busta Rhymes
    g) Ganster glam
    h) Joint 2 joint
    i) Return of the bump squad
    j) Pussy control
    k) Tora-tora / Brother Jules diss
    l) Billy jack bitch
    m) Hot thang
    n) Kiss
    o) 17 days
    p) Housequake


  • Hot wit u (Nasty girl remix)
  • Man 'O' war (Remix)
  • Under the cream*

    [Total playtime: 45 min.]

    December 20, 2000

    Eric Leeds
    "Now & Again"


    01. Now And Again (8:13)
    02. Djibouti (8:27)
    03. Rio Diamante (9:04)
    04. No Reason At (7:48)
    05. Medley: Nowhere To Be Found/Rainbow (7:01)
    06. To Whom It May Concern (9:48)
    07. Queen's Plaza (6:37)
    08. Mack Daddy (9:37)

    All songs written by Eric Leeds.
    Eric Leeds (Arranger, Mixing, Producer)

    Also feat. some 'old' friends:

    Michael Bland (drums)
    Ricky Peterson
    Bobby Z (Executive Producer)
    Tom Garneau (Engineer, Mixing)

    Original Release Date: October 31, 2000

    U can order the CD and listen 2 samples of all trax here:

    October 11, 2000

    Illegal Aliens:

    "International Telephone" (CD, 2000)

    "Ratrace" aka "In a large room with no light"

    Track 5 - "Ratrace" - is a cover version of Prince's (still unreleased) song "In a large room
    with no light" (1986 outtake from "Dream Factory"; sometimes wrongly titled "Welcome 2 the
    ratrace"). Marco Minnemann was born in 1970 in Hannover/Germany and early discovered his
    passion for drumming. Now he is a reknown jazz/fusion drummer holding drum clinics.
    Besides his solo albums he his own band project 'Illegal Aliens'.

    Label: Duck Dive/Warner Music
    Original Release Date: September 18, 2000

    Related webpages: (german) (german)

    September 4, 2000

    Amar feat. MC Rankin
    "Sometimes it snows (in April)"

    Release date: June 5, 2000 - Label: WEA © 2000
    This cover version of Prince's "Sometimes It Snows In April" (from Parade, 1986)
    is availalbe on CD single, 12" vinyl Maxi Single, Cassette single.

    Order: or check out or section [SHOPS].

    Here's a sample (low quality, 3:52 min.) - provided by

    July 19, 2000

    Rhonda Smith:
    "Intellipop" (CD)

    Album © 2000
    4 more informations, tracklist + how 2 order:

    April 26, 1999

    Desert Eagle Discs
    "The Eagle Has Landed" (CD, 1999)

    Album © 1999

    Track 3 is a cover of Prince's "Old friends for sale"!

    Label: Ariola/BMG
    Original Release Date: April 26, 1999

    February 21, 1999

    The Minneapolis Allstars -
    "Live at the Quest"

    Read more about it at: or Who´s who?

    February 21, 1999

    TKO´s releases:

    from the 4thcoming TKO album "LET THERE BE PEACE"

    "Funny valentine" (CD-Single)

    also available:

    "Thought U Knew" (CD)

    Please check out the TKO web 4 more informations, samples and who´s TKO:

    The official TKO web

    December 17, 1998

    Chaka Khan -
    OST "Down in the Delta"

    "Don´t talk 2 strangers"

    (Track 9/3:16)

    (Written by Prince)

    Taken from Chaka Khan´s 1998 album "Come 2 my house"
    Prince´s original version is taken from the Soundtrack "Girl 6" (1996)
    © 1998 NPG Records

    December 17, 1998

    Ophelie Winter "Privacy" (CD)

    New album by the former Prince/O(+> girlfriend - no input by O(+>!
    Ophelie thanx PRN (stands 4 Prince Rodgers Nelson) in the linernotes:

    October 1998

    Wendy & Lisa: "Girl Brothers"


    1. Reaching One
    2. Love & Trouble
    3. I Will
    4. All Nite
    5. Bring You Back
    6. I've Got A Big Bowl Of Cherries
    7. Uh-uh, Don't Look Down
    8. All I Wonder / Anyway
    9. If I Were Brave
    10. Jonathan
    11. Let's Say
    12. I've Got No Strings

    (hidden bonus track:)
    13. Worth Your Weight In Cold

    Please visit the official web:

    Sheila E. & The E Train:

    Writes of Passage

    (Heaven Productions Music 1001, 1998)
    Album currently only available at concerts!

    Concord Jazz - ccd-4934-2


    1. Trainacomin
    2. Paragon(++)
    3. Rituals
    4. Passing through
    5. N perfect time(*)
    6. Protocol
    7. Writes of passage(+)
    8. Truth
    9. Rite to paradise(**)
    10. Virtuosity
    11. Trainagoing

    All tracks instrumentals; except *lead vocals by Sheila E.
    **lead vocals by Peter Michael Escovedo
    +written by Eric Leeds; ++co-written by Eric Leeds.

    The E Train Band R:

    Sheila E.: drums, percussion, vocals
    Renato Neto: keyboards
    Peter Michael Escovedo: drums and percussion
    Eric Leeds: sax and flute
    Marc VanWageningen: bass
    Special guest: Ray Obiedo on guitar

    Produced by: Sheila E. and E-Train
    Executive producer: Gilbert Davison

    Please also visit:

  • - official Sheila E. Web
  • Concord / Sheile E.

    Here U find a in2deep Disco-/video-/filmography!

    Kat Dyson:

    "Colour Komentary" (EP)

    1. Love In Da Middle
    2. Feel Something For Me
    3. As Tears Go By
    4. U Know What I Like
    5. T.O.D.A.T.A.W.A.N.
    6. Motherless Child
    (Label: Collecting Dust)

    Here U can order the release:

    "Currently doing TV work in Los Angeles . . . Talented vocalist and guitar player Kat
    Dyson took time off from playing with the Artist formerly known as Prince to record
    her EP COLOUR KOMMENTARY with the Madame la Pulse crew during the April tornado.
    In her first EP release on Collecting Dust, this guitarist-singer and songwriter (also
    former member of The NPG) presents a collection of musical conversations between
    she and her friends blending 'back-porch' funk with acoustic soul, blues and gospel."

    Please vistit Kat's Web Pages for more information!

    July 13, 1998

    Rosie Gaines:

    "Be strong" (MaxCD)

    "Be Strong"
    1. Radio Edit (3:32)
    2. KK Groove-a-pella (3:38)
    3. Kiez Kidz Rock Da Wah-Wah Club Mix (8:49)
    4. Kiez Kidz Organic Dub (6:29)
    5. Bird´s Irish Dub (6:44)
    6. Hippie Torrales Tribute Mix (4:58)

    (ZYX Music Germany 8856-8/0-90204-67712-2

    Please visit Rosies official web:

    May 9, 1998

    Gary Barlow & Rosie Gaines!
    "Hang on in there baby" (MaxCD)

    1. "Hang on in there baby" feat. Rosie Gaines
    2. "Hang on in there baby" (Album Version)
    3. "My commitment" (Soulshock Mix)
    4. "Hard to handle" (Live Version)
    5. "A million love songs" (Live Version)

    April 2, 1998

    Somethin´ For The People (SFP)
    "She´s always in my hair"

    Somethin´ For The People (SFP) are covering the Prince written B-side classic
    "She´s always in my hair" on the 1997 album "This time it´s personal" (WB).
    SFP got a smash hit with "My love is shhh!" (feat. Trina & Tamara on co-lead vox).

    February 13, 1998

    Kahoru Kohiruimaki aka Kohhy

    The Japanese female singer released a version of
    "The most beautiful boy in the world" on her new CD
    "Anniversary nights".

    Kohhy released 2 Prince (co)-written trax "Mind bells" and "Bliss" on her album
    "Time the motion" (1989).

    More information/tracklist:


    April 27, 1998

    D´Angelo on OST Scream II:
    "She´s always in my hair"


    The soundtrack is finally released in Europe and contains D´Angelo's cover
    of the Prince-written B-Side!

    UPDATE: March 14, 1998
    December 30, 1997

    New Prince compilation album:
    SYMBOLISM: The Prince Songbook

    UK Record Label Connoisseur R proud 2 announce the release of
    "The Prince songbook" album on January, 26 1998!!!

    TRACKLIST (Artist/Title):
    01. Mica Paris "If I love u 2 nite (Remix)" (3:58)
    02. Elisa Fiorillo "On the Way Up (Ext. Remix)" (6:15)
    03. Tina Turner "Let's Pretend We're Married (Live)" (4:15)
    04. Living Cloour "17 Days"(2:56)
    05. Sheena Easton "Sugar Walls (Ext.)" (7:02)
    06. Patti Labelle "I hear your voice" (4:23)
    07. Melissa Morgan "Do Me Baby" (5:19)
    08. Joe Cocker "5 Women" (5:35)
    09. Stephanie Mills "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" (4:11)
    10. MXM "Nothing Compares 2 U (Dance mix)" (3:53)
    11. Cyndi Lauper "When U were mine" (5:01)
    12. Kid Creole "The Sex of It" (3:34)
    13. Nona Hendryx "Baby Go-Go" (5:25)
    14. Martika "Love thy will be done" (4:23)
    15. The Bangles "Manic Monday" (3:05)

    TOTAL PLAYTIME: (69:15)


    December 30, 1997

    Rosie Gaines "I surrender"

    Rosie Gaines new MaxCD "I surrender", released in the UK on
    BIGBANG RECORDS contains:

    "I surrender":
    1. Mentor/Dredlix Radio Edit (3:35)
    2. Grant Nelsons Radio Edit (3:54)
    3. Mentor/Dredlix Club Mix (5:49)
    4. Grant Nelsons Club Symphony (6:42)
    5. Curtis & Moore "Surrender to the Groove"(7:16)
    6. Grant Nelsons "Scat City Mix"(5:25)


    December 12, 1997

    Lucky Peterson "Move"

    Lucky Peterson covers on his new album the Prince classic
    "Purple rain" (from 1984)!

    December 9, 1997


    "5 heads R better than 1"

    1. Um Tipo Curtido (4:46)
    2. How Will I Know (4:41)
    3. Sweet Georgia Brown/Dig (4:38)
    4. 5 Heads Are Better Than 1 (5:38)
    5. In A Silent Way / It's About That Time (7:49)
    6. Darn That Germ (4:34)
    7. Pie Hole (5:02)
    8. Ellington Medley (8:26):
    - Take The 'A' Train
    - I Let A Song Get Out Of My Heart
    - It Don't Mean A Thing
    - In A Sentimental Mood
    - Caravan
    9. Pie Hole (5:02)
    10. Waltz 4 Hornz (4:37)
    11. Epistrophy (1:50)
    12. One Last Touch (3:24)
    13. Happy Birthday (1:14)


    ...the a cappella jazz/funk world of...



    Chaka Khan "Pain"
    on OST "Living Single

    UPDATE: NEW Prince song "PAIN"

    The previously unreleased song "PAIN" (written by Prince with N. Channison Berry)
    is released (Sept. 30, 1997/Warner Bros.) - performed by Chaka Khan (!) -
    on the "Living single" TV Soundtrack album!

    The track is feat. Me´shell NdegeOcello on bass.
    The soundtrack with music from and inspired by the hit TV show "Living Single"
    is feat. new tracks by Queen Latifah, Sandra St. Victor, Xscape, Nonchalant,
    Dwayne Wiggins, Eric Benet and a remix of Shola Ama´s smash hit!

    Here´s the tracklist:

    01. Queen Latifah "Ladies night out"
    02. Bo-Shed "Come on in (Radio edit)"
    03. Sandra St. Victor feat. Yo-Yo and Nonchalant "Chocolate (Remix)"
    04. Nadanuf "Single life"
    05. Chaka Khan "Pain"
    06. Xscape "How do you love someone?"
    07. Dwayne Wiggins "1-4-3 (strawberry)"
    08. Eric Benet feat. Boney James "Superwoman"
    09. Nonchalant feat. Faith Evans "Until the day (Remix)"
    10. Esage feat. Pamela Bryant "Don´t waste my time"
    11. K-Ball "All of me"
    12. Deborah Williams "Gamin´"
    13. Shola Ama "You might need somebody (di classic radio mix)
    14. Chris Gaddy and Pamela Bryant "I commit to you"

    More information:

    The Living Single Webpage (pictures/samples)

    Warner Bros. Blackmusic Site

    KAZDA - "Sign o´ the times"

    The group KAZDA has released a cover version of the ´87 Prince
    classic "Sign o´ the times"!!! Their ´97 album is called "Finally".

    T.J. KIRK covers
    "Rockhard in a funky place":

    Already in 1996 the jazz-band T.J. KIRK has released on their album
    "If four was one" a cover of the Black Album track "Rockhard in a
    funky place". The track is worked into the second song called
    "Get on the good foot". This instrumental jazz album is released
    on Warner Bros. Records.

    More Infos/Contact:

    WB Jazz

    Songtone Production

    or email ( the band.

    "Solo Two/Happy Together"

    (Album) © 1997

    SHEILA E. and father Pete - Latin jazz at its best!
    Flashback over 20 years (!) but as fresh as yesterday.

    "This CD, originally recorded as Solo Two in 1977 and
    Happy Together a year later, embraces nearly every
    musical style of Pete Escovedo's career since he first put his
    lips to a saxophone as a student at McClymonds High
    School in Oakland, back in 1950..."


    Sounds of Blackness
    "Time for healing"

    (Album) © 1997

    The latest album by the Sounds of Blackness called Time for healing -
    released a couple of weeks ago - mostly recorded/mixed at Flyte Tyme Studios, NY
    is feat. Levi Seacer (former NPG), The Steeles, The Hornheads (aka NPG Hornz)
    and different guests on co-/lead vocals like by Billy Steele (The Steeles) and
    Salt-N-Pepa. (Co)Producers: Billy Steele, Levi Seacer, Gary Hines
    The first single is "Spirit" (MaxCD).

    "It´s Time for healing throughout the human family.
    Nation to nation, spirit and soul to soul.
    Open up your heart and let the healing flow!"

    Mariah Carey covers
    "The beautiful ones"

    "Butterfly" (Album) © 1997

    Mariah Carey covers "The beautiful ones" (from Prince´s Purple Rain, 1984)
    on her new album "Butterfly" (1997)!
    The coverversion - recorded at The Hit Factory, NYC - is feat.
    guest vocals by Dru Hill (!) and is co-produced by Cory Rooney.
    The 7:00 min. long cover is close 2 the original...
    ...but could U imagine Mariah 2 sing this all time classic ;-)

    La Mazz covers
    "When doves cry"

    "When doves cry" (MaxCD)
    1. "When doves cry" Airplay Mix (3:56)
    2. "When doves cry" Slow Mix (4:05)
    3. "When doves cry" Long Vers. (4:56)
    4. "The crying Dove" (3:33)

    This MaxCD contains 4 mixes, one unlisted 5th track(!)
    and the dedication:
    "Respect to one of the greatest Artists of Pop: Prince"

    Rosie Gaines "Closer than close"
    (Remixes - MaxCD)


    1. Mentor Original Radio Edit (3:44)
    2. Frankies Classic Radio Edit (4:08)
    3. Mentor Remake (6:39)
    4. Mentor Club Mix (7:28)
    5. Tuff Jams "Even closer" Mix (6:59)
    6. Frankies Classic Club Mix (10:20)

    U can find the original version on Rosie Gaines album "Closer than close"
    from 1995! Please visit Rosie´s webage:

    Quindon Tarver "When doves cry"


    "When doves cry" (MaxCD):
    1. Album Version (4:09)
    2. Ext. Version (5:03)
    3. Ext. Instr. Vers. (3:59)

    OST "Romeo+Juliet (Vol. 2)

    On this soundtrack U find the original score,
    mostly orchestral, spoken samples and the cover
    of "When doves cry" by Quindon Tarver!

    Ginuwine "When doves cry"

    (Taken from CD "The bachelor" (1996)

    1. When doves cry
    2. Tell me do U wanna (Paleface Remix)
    3. Tell me do U wanna (Natty & Slaps with G.K. Remix)

    Ginuwine "When doves cry"

    (Taken from CD "The bachelor" (1996)

    1. When doves cry
    2. When doves cry (Cosmic Funk 7")
    3. When doves cry (Reggae 2)
    4. When doves cry (Cosmic Funk 12")
    5. When doves cry (Philarmonic 12")
    6. When doves cry (Flava Allstars Mix)
    7. When doves cry (Kid Kut)
    8. When doves cry (The Big Sox Mix)
    [feat. Saukrates]

    The N.P.G. "The good life"

    (Taken from CD "Exodus" (1995)

    1. Platinum People Edit (4:12)
    2. Platinum People Mix (6:40)
    3. Dancing Divas Mix (6:40)
    4. Bullets go bang Remix (5:14)
    5. Big City Remix (5:05)
    6. Album Vers. (5:48)