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Last Updated: 06/07/2011

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Prince has no official website!

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Prince said (May 2010):
 "The Internet's completely over. I don't see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else.
 They won't pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can't get it...
Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good.
 They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you."

Previous PRINCE web's (1996 - 2010):

www.lotusflow3r.com - Lotusflow3r.com (2009-2010)

www.3121.com - 3121 The official home of PRINCE & The NPG (2006/07 + 2008)

www.npgmusicclub.com - The NPG Music Club (02/14/2001 - 07/03/2006)

- NPGOnline Ltd.

www.love4oneanother.com - Love4oneanother.com

www.newfunk.com / www.1800newfunk.com - 1-800-NEW-FUNK

www.thedawn.com - The Dawn (first official web, 1996)


Who was behind Prince's web design?

Samuel Jennings:
www.samjennings.com / www.SAMNATION.com

Special (official) webpages:

  • *) The Rainbow Children (album) (www.therainbowchildren.com)
  • Redline Entertainment: The Rainbow Children
  • Crystal Ball - Cover page (print your own booklet!) -> [CB-Online booklet]

    Official Mayte webpages:

  • Mayte.com (www.mayte.com) | www.maytegarciaonline.com
  • NPG Dance Company (http://www.emale.com/npgdance/)

    Officially authorized merchandising + download store:

  • The NPG Music Club - RETAIL
  • The NPG Music Club - MUSICOLOGY Download Store

    Official online booklets (now located in The NPG Music Club!):

  • Crystal Ball (Multi-CD set):

    New "mirror" [thanx 2 the designers Steffen Bieker and Alice Maennl]


    Old location:
    Old location: (http://www.crystalballcd.newfunk.com)

  • Kamasutra album (by The NPG Orchestra):

    New location: Kamasutra album
    Old location: (http://www.crystalcd.newfunk.com/kamasutra.html)

    Prince Recording Studios:

    NOTE: Prince recorded until 1987 mostly at the Sunset Studios in Los Angeles, CA.
    His first choice engineer was Susan Rogers. Since he build his own studio complex at Paisley
    Park (opened September 11, 1987) he is free to produce his recordings in Minneapolis!

  • Sunset Sound Studios (www.sunsetsound.com)

  • Paisley Park Studios (since 1987):

    Please check out our section [PAISLEY PARK STUDIOS] 4 a little tour!

    web locations:

  • http://www.paisleyparkstudios.com
  • http://www.bitstream.net/gods/tgg/paisleypark/


    Record labels / distribution companies

    NOTE: Prince owns the label "NPG Records". The most releases are dealed with one of the following
    'major' record or distribution label. His defunct label "Paisley Park Records" (associated with
    Warner Bros. Records, signed artists like Mavis Staples, Rosie Gaines, George Clinton, Tony LeMans,
    Three o'Clock, Good Question in the late 80's/early 90's) was dropped down in 1994. You can still
    find the logo 'Paisley Park (Records)' on many albums like "Parade", "Lovesexy" or "Diamonds and
    Pearls". Prince named his new label "NPG Records" after his band/song "New Power Generation"!

    Arista (in 1999) (www.arista.com)

    EMI (for "Emancipation", 1996) (www.emirecords.com)

    WB / Warner Bros.(1976-1993/99) (www.wbr.com)

    Redline Entertainment (only for TRC-Album)
    Edel Company (Germany, for NPG "Exodus", Mayte)
    BMG Bertelsmann (for NPG "New Power Soul", 1998)
    Wingspan Records (for Prince "U make my sun sine" CD-Single)
    Sony Music/Columbia (for "Musicology" album, 2004)
    Universal Music (for "3121" album, 2005)

    WB offers some special album pages:

  • The Come Experience (from 1994)
  • The Gold Experience (from 1995)
  • Chaos and disorder (1996)
  • The Vault... old friends 4 sale (from 1999)


    This is our TOP 6 choice of Prince/O(+>-related webpages!

    If U R a Nu-B - check this out:

    1. Lotusflow3r.com (The official webpage!)
    2. Housequake.com (one of the best non-offical sites)
    3. Prince.org (one of the best non-offical sites)
    4. Uptown (THE magazine + books in print)
    5. Int. newsgroup (usenet/engl.): alt.music.prince
    6. Rare Prince stuff (CD/Vinyl/Promos, Books): Madhouse Music AND

    LINX (non-official fanpages):

    The Socrates' Purple Xperience
    Calhoun Square (french/english) [1]| [2]
    Calhoun Square.[org] (new location!)
    Stylecipation Online
    The O(-> Files
    Prince-Online.com (Polish Fan club)
    The Dawn Experience (UK)
    Heebong's Prince Eroticity
    Beautiful Strange
    Amber's Artist Space
    Mpls Site
    The Artist in The Heart
    Prince - A Pop Life
    The Mayte Experience
    The Chicagonation
    The Prince-Web (german)
    Goldies Parade
    Charlesī The O(+> Source Page
    Come To The Park (Bart Van Hemelen)
    New Power Nation 2000
    Shake! Prince Fansite
    Prince & The MPLS Sound (offers over 420 Prince links!)
    PMOL - PRINCE MUSIC ON-LINE (Prince/O(+> Sites on the web)
    Charlesī The O(+> Source Page
    Beber Experience
    The Princefams.com
    The Dawn (Fanpage from Switzerland!)
    I wish U heaven 2000 (UK Prince Fan's Web Site)
    All about The Artist Page
    The Dawn.nl (from Netherlands)
    Prince Web.org
    The Purple Dawn
    Come 2 my house
    The 13th Round - funked up online resource center
    AprilSnow - Prince Collectors' Reference
    PrinceFrance.com (french/engl.)
    Lahiguera.net (spanish Prince page)
    Raspberryrain.co.uk (Prince memorabilia site)

    Prince Info.net


    Prince Webrings
    (Organized Fanpages):

    The Beautiful Experience WebRing

    The Live 4 Love Webring

    Prince Tribute/Cover Bands

    GlamSlam - "Europe's No. 1 Prince Tribute Band" (www.glamslam.info)

    Endorphinmachine - The band that plays Prince UP AND RUNNING  (www.endorphinmachine.co.uk)

    Pi-Elle and The Other World - "Best Live Band Of France" (www.pi-elleandtheotherworld.com)

    Related artists / (former NPG) band member websites


    A tribute 2 Mayte

    The unofficial Jill Jones Website

    Robia LaMorte



    The Hornheads Hornz aka NPG Hornz (www.bone2bwildmusic.com)

    Chaka Khan (www.chakakhan.com)

    Wendy and Lisa (www.wendyandlisa.com) or The GB Network or Girlbros.net

    Sheila E.(www.sheilae.com)

    Graham Central Station Web (www.gcsweb.org)

    Rosie Gaines (www.rosiegaines.com)

    Michael Bland (www.michaelbland.org)

    Kat Dyson (www.mlapulse.com/katdyson.html)

    Rhonda Smith (www.rhondasmith.com) | www.myspace.com/rhondasmith

    St. Paul Peterson-Web (www.stpaulmusic.com)

    St. Paulīs Music Page (www.stpaulmusic.com)

    Ricky Peterson-Web (www.rickypeterson.com)

    Tom Ganeau (Purple Pages)

    The TKO-Web (http://www.bitstream.net/TKO/)

    Dr. Mambo (www.drmambo.com)

    Flyte Tyme Productions (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) (www.flytetyme.com)

    Monte Moir - of The Time (www.montemoir.com)

    Dr. Fink (www.doctorfink.com)

    Sly & The Family Stone (www.slyfamstone.com)

    Bootsy Collins (http://www.bootsycollins.com)

    Bernie Worrellīs WOO-niverse! (http://bernieworrell.com)

    Maceo Parker (www.maceo.com)

    Najee (www.najeenetwork.com)

    Candy Dulfer (www.candydulfer.nl)

    Clare Fischer (http://www.clarefischer.com)

    Jill Jones (http://jilljones.net)

    The Fonky Baldheads (www.fonkybaldheads.com)

    Jacob Armen (www.jacobarmen.com)

    DJ Brother Jules (www.djsmusicemporium.com)

    Sons of Almighty (Sonny Thompson - www.sonsofalmighty.com)

    John Blackwell (www.johnblackwell.net)

    Marva King (www.marvaking.com)

    Brownmark (www.crypticmusic.com)

    Dez Dickerson (www.dezdickerson.com)

    Tamar Davis (Ashley TA'MAR Davis): www.tamaronline.com | www.tamardavis.net |

    RAD = Rose Ann Dimalanta (www.radmusic.com)

    DJ Rashida (www.djrashida.com)

    Cora Coleman-Dunham (www.coracolemandunham.com)

    Shelby Johnson www.myspace.com/shelbyblackgypsy


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