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Last Updated: 04/14/2007

Welcome 2 Paisley Park Studios!

Paisley Park Studios 7801 Audubon Road, Chanhassan, MN
Minnesota 55317
Phone: 952.470.2409
Fax: 952.474.3205

Official webpage:
www.paisleyparkstudios.com or www.paisleyparkstudios.net

Email (booking only!):


Paisley Park Studios is a $10 million dollar complex for recording, rehearsal,
video and film productions. The studio - designed and owned by Prince/The
Artist - was officially opened on September 11, 1987.
Studia A and B has an 48-track recording console; the soundstage is over
12,000 square-foot - for concerts, rehearsals and video productions.

The official website PAISLEY PARK STUDIOS - NEW URL/January 2000:


NEW: Check out the great 360° Virtual Tours!

offers pictures and blueprints of the different Studios A, B, C, the Soundstage,
Avid Suite plus a deep look on technical equipment!
You can also take a visit at Boto Design Architects´ Paisley Park Studios project with
a couple of pictues from the inside!

Please note: Paisley Park Studios is no longer open to the public!

Some pictures from around the Park: