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A last note 2 COPYRIGHT + COPYRIGHT CONTROL (1998/99)

In 1998 some webmasters got the following official letter (email). After that a
couple of webpages were taken down by the providers or operators (mainly becuz
of selling illegal bootlegs or offering MP3 downloads of unauthorised music.

The swedish magazine UPTOWN (www.uptown.se) - long time Prince observers and
THE best source in print media - was taken 2 court and lately got an agreement with
Paisley Park. Please check out their online pages 4 more information (U find some
book reviews in MENU 3: BOOKS

Another interesting reading is DTT's An Open Letter from the DTT (No. 1 webpage 4
transcribing Prince music + lyrics).

Here U can read the Love4oneanother´s statement, from March 1999,
by the official attorney of O(+>, Mr. L. Londell McMillan:

"ATTENTION WEBMASTERS: An open letter 2 all website operators"
SOURCE: http://www.love4oneanother.com/copyrght.htm

L. Londell McMillan
200 West 57th Street
Suite 200
New York, NY 10019
TEL: 212-584-8800
FAX: 212-584-8810
E-MAIL: llmpc2000@aol.com
Managing partner: L. Londell McMillan
Lawyers in the firm: 4
Major practice areas: Corporate Law,

[Taken from Minority Law Journal (Directory 1999)]

...and here´s the email by Mr. McMillan:

From:   Llmpc [SMTP:Llmpc@aol.com] 
Sent:   Friday, March 20, 1998 1:05 PM 
To:     {name deleted here} 
Subject:  Unauthorized Use of Paisley Park Enterprises Materials 

Dear Sir/Madam: 

Please be advised that I am legal counsel to NPG Records, Paisley Park
Enterprises, the Artist formerly known as Prince (the "Artist") and the
related companies of the Artist (all collectively referred herein as 
"Paisley Park").  Please be advised that Paisley Park retains proprietary
rights in the names, images and likenesses and performances of the Artist. 

It has recently come to our attention that you have been proliferating 
material through the Internet and otherwise that contains copyrighted 
material owned by the Artist including, but not limited to, the Artist's
name, likeness or recordings (the "Unauthorized Material") without any
authorization from Paisley Park to do so.  You are hereby put on notice 
that the dissemination of any such Unauthorized Material without the prior 
express authorization from Paisley Park may cause immediate and irreparable
harm to Paisley Park's reputation and to the Artist's valuable proprietary
right in his name, image and likeness and would also constitute a willful 
violation of both federal and state unfair competition laws. 

Accordingly, we hereby demand the following of you and any person or entity 
with which you are affiliated: 

(1) that you immediately cease and desist from the dissemination, copying, 
or commercial exploitation of the Unauthorized Material;
(2) deliver to us all such copies, including the packaging therefor which
are in your possession and control; 
(3) that you deliver to us all such copies of Unauthorized Material which
come into your possession and control; 
(4) that you secure the return of all such copies from any person or entities; 
(5) that you remove all Unauthorized Material from you web pages or web sites.  

We further demand that you advise us, immediately of what steps you will take
to prevent the dissemination or further distribution or exploitation of the 
Unauthorized Materials by you, any affiliates or related entities. 

You are hereby placed on notice that the possession and dissemination, or 
other exploitation of the Unauthorized Material at issue is unlawful and a 
serious violation of Paisley Park's legal and equitable rights for which they
will hold you and any person or entity acting in concert with you, fully 
accountable.  This letter is without prejudice  to Paisley Park's legal and 
equitable rights, all of which are expressly reserved. 

I look forward to hearing from you immediately but in no event later than
the close of business on March 25, 1998.  I or my associate, Gizelle Galang, 
can be reached at (212) 271-4412 or (212) 307-5500. 
L. Londell McMillan
cc:  Paisley Park Enterprises

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