- Last updated: December 31, 2000

"I make music because if I didnīt Iīd die.
I record because itīs in my blood.
I hear sounds all the time.
Itīs almost like a curse 2 know U can
always make something new."

- Prince

COMING in 2001!

Welcome 2 DAWNATION`s

The Purple Songbook 2001

Thieves in the temple? Nope!
Do U think U know all Prince/O(+>-written songs?

...and what about this?

"Adonis and Batsheeba"
"Roadhouse garden"
"Coco Boys"
"Itīs a wonderful day"
"Love is everywhere"
"Dance with power"
"A thousand hugs and kisses"
"The P"
"Madrid 2 Chicago"
"R U ready?"
"I Ain't Gonna Run"
"Livin' 2 die (our lives)"

OK, U have 2 wait or "Dance with the devil" ;-P

Unreleased tunes, outtakes, songs written 4 other artists,
withdrawn albums, sessions and projects, soundtracks, B-sides!

COMING in 2001! Nu design + updated online edition!

The PSB Version 2.0 - with the rarest Prince/O(+> songs!
Take a deep look in2 the studio work, recording sessions and projects!