I scan my computer... lookin´ 4 some fonts!

Here U find a collection of the fonts used 4 Prince album designs, other artwork
 or related stuff (like fan-made covers).
Note: Please b aware of the copyright/licence. There4 we can't offer a download!


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Example Font Font(family)name or Alias
[ttf - Windows/Mac True Type Font]
Comment (used for...)
1-800-New-Funk not a font - based on *.jpg pix (file: 1800.zip);
"1-800-NEW-FUNK" (album, 1994)
Beatbox beatbox_.ttf; beatib__.tff, HitNRun.tff Hit + Run (Tour)
Bonehead bonehead.ttf  
Couchlover 97 couchlover.ttf; crystalball.ttf "Crystal ball"
Darling Nikki dan_____.ttf; nikki.ttf "Purple rain"
Desdemona desdemon.ttf  
Diamonds & Pearls diamond.ttf "Diamond & Pearls"
DMSR 1999.ttf "1999"
Puppet Face puppetface.ttf "The Rainbow Children"
Girls R Weird girls_r_weird.ttf; girlsare.ttf "Sign o' the times"
Gold gold.ttf "The Gold Experience"
Goodbye Cruel World Goodbye Cruel world.ttf "Crystal ball"
Herculanum herc____.ttf "NEWS" album, video and album liner notes (inside)
KissMeKissme KissMe kissmkmk.ttf; Kiss Me.ttf  
Lemonheads llemonfnt.ttf  
Lovesexy love.ttf; lovesexy.ttf "Lovesexy"
Mistral mistral.ttf "Purple rain" (lyrics)
Moonshine mo______.ttf (= Moonshine.ttf);  mom_____.ttf (= Moonshine Murky.ttf); chaos.ttf "Chaos and Disorder"
Vivaldi (Vivacious Regular) vivaldii.ttf; vivacs.ttf "One nite alone" (1)
Evil Clown evilclown.ttf "One nite alone" (2) (studio album!; logo + title)
Parade parade.ttf "Parade"
Parkway Hotel parkwayh.ttf; nps.ttf (=Parkway Motel) NPG "New Power Soul" (album, 1998)
Pig Nose Type pignose.ttf  
PlazaDReg plazan.ttf  
PRN Gen PC prngpc__ttf  
PRN Hel PC prnhpc__ttf  
PRN Pal PC prnppc__ttf  
Sexy MF sexymf.ttf "O(+>" (album, 1992)
Snipple snipple_.ttf "The Truth" (album, 1997)
Socrates' Purple Xperience xperiences.ttf incl. NPG + O(+>-logos from 1998, Glam Slam, NPGMC, Eye logos...

Square Slabserif (Bold, light Medium) Square Slabserif 711 Bold_TT0412M_.TTF;
Square Slabserif 711 Light_TT0410M_.TTF;
"Xenophobia" / NPGMC
Still time stilltim.tff "Purple rain" (Logo)
SuessFont suesf___.ttf; rave.tff; "Rave un2 the joy fantastic" (Album)
The Artist Symbols symbols.ttf This font incl. various symbols, like the heart, NPG logo or the trademark O(+>
Thymesans artist.ttf; th______.ttf "Emancipation" (album, 1996)

This collection created by DAWNATION.


"Interactive" (CD-ROM)
Official Game, 1994:


6 complete songs (3 unreleased)
4 full length videos, 52 song clips, 31 video clips, 9 morphs,
76 animations 11 challenges + unreleased audio track "Interactive"!

  • "Interactive CD-ROM" - Andrew Bedno Web
  • Pictures/samples (by Andrew Bedno)
  • Visionary2000.com

    "The symbol that TAFKAP (The Artist Formaly Known As Prince) uses as his personal identification
    was used as the centerpiece for his interactive experience. The object of the user's efforts were
    to be put towards solving a puzzle; a game if you will. The symbol was broken in pieces and
    scattered throughout a mansion devoted to Prince. When all pieces are recovered, the user is
    treated to a never before seen video of Prince's single "Endorphinmachine".
    The mansion was a reflection of Prince himself. Mirrored white marble floors, lavish gold Egyptian
    styled trim and a lavender carpeted, sky-domed master bedroom. Of the seven 3D rooms, CyberPipe's
    founder was the digital artist and texture mapper of three. All throughout, maintaining a very
    magical feel, most of the objects in the mansion were "hot areas" which linked to interviews,
    games, video clips, photographs, or music videos, including the song "Interactive" written
    especially for the CD-ROM, by Prince."

    TIPS - HELP:

    TIP 1: Why can't I operate the safe in the Interactive CD-ROM game?

    The program will work at 800x600 or higher, but the studio where you put in the combination
    to the safe will ONLY work if you set your display resolution to 640 x 480 with 256 colours
    - this is listed in help text on the CD!

    TIP 2: How 2 I handel the 'safe'?

    The first thought is to get the three symbols (of the puzzle) in a proper order but that don't
    work! The safe (behind the red portrait of Diamond and Pear!) opens when you line the pieces
    into the right line to play them "Diamonds and Pearls" (!)

    TIP 3: Read the README file!

    On the CD-ROM you find a file called "README.WRI" open/read it to get a guide with some
    mysteries and clues how to play/navigate thru the game!

    TIP 4: Xplore the CD-ROM!

    U can access some videos by exploring the CD-ROM with Ur file xplorer - watch out 4 *.mov files!



    (offers the New Power Soul Xmas Theme!)

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    The Pleasure Palace: O(+> Desktop themes + browser

    Streambox.com (Streaming RealMedia *.rar/*.rd/*.rmd)

    TIP: O(+> Drinks! Get some recipes like Dirty Mind, Erotic City or Glam Slam!


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